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Can You Guys Recommend Some Good PS One Buys?
Final Fantasy Origins will come out april 8th.
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- Albert Einstein

Yeah, I can't wait for FF Origins. We finally get FFII.
Play your games.
You only mention resident evil 2 in your list

I'd say get resident evil 1 (its a classic and set the whole resident evil thing up) and resident evil 3: Nemesis (very challenging and I found it fun....then again I'm probably the biggest resident evil fan :p )

Either one of the two DDR games would be a good choice. They're really addictive. Mega Man Legends was a great action RPG I had. And you might concider Intellegent Cube. It's a unique 3D puzzle game. I really enjoyed it.
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I think Intelligent Cube is very rare. Anyone play the first and second Busihido Blade?
Play your games.
I played both. Bushido Blade is really good, the sequel isn't as good.
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What was wrong with the second Buishido Blade? The games sound interesting but I'm not too sure how I'd feel about one hit kills....

Anyone else have any recommendations?
Play your games.
[Image: omega-boost.gif]

Reggie...Omega Boost is one of the best PSX games out there. It was so over looked by it's made by Polyphony Digital!!!! As you can see, I'm a diehard Omega Boost Fan Boy.Big Grin

I picked this bad boy up and it still kicks butt. It's damn hard, but the gameplay and story (The CG rules anything for the PSX...Hands Down!) is somewhat amazing. The opening of the game still gives me chills. Real life mixed with CG....if you have good speakers and a will rock!

I read tons of reviews about this game and people still think it's way ahead of it's time when it came out on the PSX. Some PS2 games don't even look this good.
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Omega Boost sounds like a sweet PS1 one. I remember seeing commercials for this game back in 1999. They looked cool. I can get a used copy with instructions for $7.99 at Funcoland and Gamestop so I'll probably get it. Thanks.
Play your games.
I recomend the Parasite Eve games, they were pretty good. Um, Xenogears was good. And Star Ocean 2 whipped ass.
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