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I'm assuming it's best that we don't come up with our own? Have others pick titles for us? And if we're offended then, oh well? lol
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In the infamous words of Bob Dylan For the times they is a changing!!!!!!!!!
Beamboom Wrote:But since you're still here, can't this old account just be unbanned again? Dillon?
(I don't know the history of all this)

I like Spartan119 better, and I don't want anyone confusing me with someone who still works here.

Besides, Ryan H. doesn't carry that nasty implication that I might like XBOX.
Ben D. Wrote:And this can lie at rest now.

No one brought it up to begin with.
FORUM HUGS ALL AROUND!!!!!! erm no caps sorry!!!!!!
farfus Wrote:FORUM HUGS ALL AROUND!!!!!! erm no caps sorry!!!!!!

Speaking of forum titles, I think the one I gave you is one of the best.

I forget who gave Benny his, but that is still tops.
Yeah ive been wanting to change that title for quite some time, figured it was Arnie who did it........
AK gave me mine, i still have no idea what it means, I'm sure its an insult, lol

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Hehe - sounds to me like we're better off just removing all titles instead. At least it sounds simpler. Big Grin
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You leave the titles alone, Boom! We have grandfather rights, nobody can take them, nobody gets new ones, they stay the same forever and ever and ever.

I think it was originally Arnold who gave me mine, because of my constructive criticism here, one of the new forum's very first threads. I don't think that was Complainer of the Year though, just Complainer, and I forget who first decorated me Complainer of the Year, an award I've won every year since :rox:

On a side note:
The Benny (Macho) in 2003 Wrote:Yo dudes.
The Benny (Macho) in 2003 Wrote:custom avatar's
The Benny (Macho) in 2003 Wrote:should of
What an idiot Confusedtupid:
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