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How long have you been a gamer? (What was your first console)
10 years NES
For as long as I can remember..16 now, we got NES when I was 4, and we had Atari 2600 before that (teh ownage still).

Atari > NES > Genesis > Game Gear > Playstation > PS2 > GBA > GBA SP
Started about 38 years ago with pinball, then Pong in the early seventies. First console was a NES in 90.
Roughly 8 or 9 years with me...never really go into it that much until mid-90's.

First Console: Sega Master System
I apologize if I get the "resurrecting an old thread" comment thrown at me but this was at the bottom under Similar Threads and the nostalgia brings back some damn good memories. My first console was an Atari 2600 (with the wood grain). It lasted many years and died somewhere around the mid 80s and then I got a Nintendo Entertainment System. I also got the first Macintosh when that came out and it was great.
As long as I can remember being alive I've gamed, started out on a Colecovision. Smurfs ftw!
[SIZE=2]"Vox audita perit, litera scripta manet[/SIZE][SIZE=2]."

[SIZE=1]"The spoken word perishes, the written word remains."

[Image: card.png]

The first system I ever played was the 2600 in the early 90s. Me and my brother shared a NES, SNES, N64, and PS1. The first system I ever bought with my own money was a Dreamcast in the summer of 2001. Since then I've owned a PS2, Xbox, Gamecube, 360, and am now the proud owner of a PS3!
wow, there are some systems mentioned in this post that I've never heard of. I started out in the mid 80's playing NES - That's back when the consoles actually came with a game, Mario and Duck Hunt Wink I should've never sold my NES... especially for $10 to a neighbor Sad
My NES came with R.O.B. and I think I have it in storage somewhere. :lol:
Crap, after reading all the post's here, now I'm feeling older than dirt.

A "Texas Instruments" wound up popping my cherry

I've put these is in the the order in which I've bought them....
Atari 2600(wood grain model) - sold
Intellivision - sold
Colecovision - sold
NES - sold

I still have(and play) these:
SNES(this one's packed away)
Atari Jaguar, and a 64-Bit adapter unit (plays both carts & discs)
Panasonic 3DO
N 64
PS 1
PS 2
Xbox 180
PS 3

I plan to get a used 360 Elite too, & a Wi just so it's in the collection too.

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