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So which Console Owns Most Of Your Playing Time?
My main problem is I rent more than I buy. So basically i do a 5 day rental and usually beat the games i rent in the 5 day period.
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I'm not actually sure about this, while I don't have many XBox games some of those I do have (Halo, Splinter Cell) have eaten away many, many hours of my time. For PS2 I clocked about a hundred or so hours on FFX, and the two Smackdown games have gained a lot of play time each. For the 'Cube games like SMS, Wind Waker and SSBM all absorbed the hours, so overall I don't know which of the three systems I've played the most.

My clear all-time winner would be the N64, my friends and I played that all the time four-player. Goldeneye, Smash Brothers, WCW/nWo Revenge and WWF Wrestlemania 2000 clocked up a ridiculous amount of time each, and then there was Goldeneye's single-player, Zelda:OoT, Perfect Dark and more. Even my Playstation can't compete with that, despite the amount of times I've played FFVII, FFVIII, FFIX and Smackdown 2.
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Quote:I think we need to take a poll on how many times PlaystationFan is going to ask the same question. That would be a fairly simple thing to poll on...

Take your bitter ass away. You remind me of many GameFaqs posters.

If you don't like the topic, then stay out.
<b>I have nothing to show!!!</b>
of all time

but lately since i sold my psone N64 snes and gameboy and all their games so i could get a PS2 and a game

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3 forum tokens
1. PS2 (Always play it)
2. PC (I beary play games on it)



Everything else I haven't touched in months and thus, does not count.
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World of Warcraft has stolen my brain. Sad

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