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Buy Any New Games Lately?
Just finally got around to buying Dark Cloud 2, so far it blows away the first. It's been so long since I've bought a game, I'm stoked.

Tomorrow I'm gonna buy a couple more. I'm thinking War of the Monsters and VF Evo (is it out yet?). Any other suggestions?

Soul Calibur 2 $49.99 - $5 off when trading in any ps2 games
SOCOM 2 $49.99


Summoner 2 $11.00
SOCOM $25.00


49.99 + 49.99 - 5 - 36 = 58.98

Smile Big Grin Cool Wink Tongue
when's SC2 out in the states? cause hasn't VF4 evo just come out? or coming out?

funny how we've had it for ages now, when you lot had VF4 for ages before us. (wha ...whats going on Sony?)

bizarre... I really hope that VF4 Evo doesn't clash with SC2, cause imo VF4 Evo is an amazing game, and will be over shadowed by SC2 if the release dates are close.. and VF4 Evo doesn't deserve that!

anyway, back to the topic... I just brought Time Crisis 2 with GunCon2.... small gun or what!?! class game tho... Big Grin


ruslan: Tekken 4 Tag? do you mean Tekken Tag or Tekken 4? if you didnt mean Tekken 4, you should pick it up.. v.good game.

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The latest game I've picked up is Knights of the Old Republic.

I'll pick one up this month, but I really don't know if it'll be Silent Hill 3 or Soul Calibur 2. I'm a fan of both series... Sad
I bought Dead To Rights and WWF Smackdown:Just Bring It.....

dead to rights is really cool......i like it alot.

and smackdown is smackdown....i love wrestling, and my created character is beyond cool.

I WIN! :rox:
over the course of this week, ive picked up Max Payne (haven't played yet!), Ape escape 2 (which has taken up all my time...hopefully i'll beat it tonite...!), and Silent Hill 3 (praise the lord!) im a loser so i picked up the guide aswell. im hoping to beat it and get each ending so i wanna go as fast as i can. i know its cheating but oh well, im loser. good times!
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I just bought a lot of new games from

I purchased a Preowned copy of the game I've been wanting most for several years now, Secret of Mana for SNES. I've been playing that fantastic game all day now. I only paid $40 for it too.

I also got the game Breath of Fire IV from and it came in today.

I purchased three more games yesterday from Klonoa 2 used for $22.49, Legend of Legaia used for $7.50, and Breath of Fire III new for $16.99. The problem is that I don't know where my two used games are right now since the UPS tracking has had them in PA for almost a day now. I'm hoping that they come tomarrow but I'm loosing hope. My Breath of Fire III has still not shipped yet and ebgames said that it takes 24 hours to ship and it has been passed that.:mad: I want that game so much.

I may buy Devil May Cry 2 for $7.50 used tomarrow if it's still there.
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dillittonthebunny: i got tekken TAG.. which one is newer TAG or Tekken 4?!?!? I always thought TAG was the better version.. grrr...

on my next trip to south africa i shall search for SH3 and Burnout 2... hope its released by then.. even maybe VF:4 Evo will be there!!

i envy you guys for having so easy access to the newest stuff... just go online and voila! its ordered and ETA in a couple of days...

Quote:Originally posted by ruslan
dillittonthebunny: i got tekken TAG.. which one is newer TAG or Tekken 4?!?!? I always thought TAG was the better version.. grrr...

Tekken Tag came out long before 4, but it doesn't matter because they both suck.

Real men play Soul Calibur.

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