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PSX Extreme News - Now Updated Throughout the Day
Tired of waiting all day for the latest news from PSX Extreme, sometime going days without any updates, only to see two huge updates with outdated news?

Well, no longer.

Starting Monday, April 12th, PSX Extreme's front page will be updated throughout the day, as news happens.

The news will be viewable under the 'News' section on the front page. Each night, the day's stories will be collected in the 'Update' portion of the page.

For the latest news from PSX Extreme, check here.

but uh...all the news on the front page has never been outdated to me....cause this is the only site I go it's all new stuff to me.

But that's pretty cool!
Buddy will be doing a service for this forum and the site. Continuous updates = great thing. As soon as the story breaks, Buddy will be there to inform.

When there's a baby in need of a diaper change...Buddy will be there.

When there's a tire to be changed...Buddy will help.

When there's a sammich to be made...Buddy often times refuses, but does it anyways.

And when there's a girl looking to mother a baby...Buddy will hit it...gladly.

BuddyC...a man among all men.
so who is this Buddy C.?

how did he come to be taking on this awesome task?
Is this BuddyC from Gaming-age?
[Image: matrixadw.png]
[Image: matrixadw.png]
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Quote:Originally posted by Magoosh!
Is this BuddyC from Gaming-age?

Just what we needed.
Quote:Originally posted by Mr. SunburnMan
Just what we needed.

I smell conflict.
I was just kidding with the :mad: smilie... Unless...

Ahem......I mean, unless what sunburn?

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