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5th Annual PSX Extreme Awards Now Up
Have a look and come back to discuss.
I haven't played Def Jam or Ace Combat 5 so I can't comment on them, but I completely agree with the other 3 being included in the top 5. I'm a bit surprised that San Andreas isn't in there.
I'm not suprised San Andreas isn't in there and am glad it's not; so sick of certain sites fellating the same stale bullshit.

I assumed Snake Eater would take GOTY. Guess that makes me one smart cookie.
San Andreas isn't anywhere near Snake Eater, which might very well be the best game I've ever played, but it's still a good game and one of the best that I'VE played this year (which isn't really saying much). It wasn't perfect by any means and has probably been overrated to a certain extent but it's still a shit load of fun to play and pretty impressive in it's size and how much stuff there is to do in it. It has some graphical gliches and other bugs, but it still has a decent story (especially by GTA standards), good voice acting, a great soundtrack, and outstanding replay value.
Yet another good article. I especially like Aaron's 2 centsBig Grin

I've heard good things about Ace Combat 5 and as it's made it into your top five I may need to check it out when I get my bank account back into some sort of order.
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