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DUB+PSP=Hell Yeah!!!
OK, I know MidNight Club 3 has been out and kicks ass and all but I'm one of the unfortunates who didn't pick this bad mammajamma up for the consoles for the sole purpose of getting it on PSP.

Finally some info is out on the game and a few screens I jacked from some "other" site. It seems that ALL, that's right ALL the parts cars and levels from the consoles will be present. 6 player (ad-hoc) wi-fi and hopefully online infrastucture mode will be supported but there will definitely be some extra game modes for on the go fun.

With DUB about to hit hopefully this month and a few more AAA titles for PSP like BurnOut Legends, Coded Arms, GTA(PSP), Ghost in the Shell, Rise of The Imperfects, 50 Cent's Bullet Proof, and Advent Shadow the temperture won't be the only thing hot this summer!

Check out the screens....

[Image: midnight-club-3-dub-edition-psp-20050512074437301.jpg]
[Image: midnight-club-3-dub-edition-psp-20050512074436191.jpg]
[Image: midnight-club-3-dub-edition-psp-20050512074436582.jpg]
[Image: midnight-club-3-dub-edition-psp-20050512074437629.jpg]
[Image: midnight-club-3-dub-edition-psp-20050512074436926.jpg]

PS3: God of War 3, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles,
SSF IV, Final Fantasy XIII, Bio Shock 2, GT5, trICO.

X360: Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake.

PSP: I want new hardware!!

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