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Funny interview with Peter Moore, some Microsoft employee, in the newest EGM Monthly
Anybody got their EGM ,there is a funny interview with Peter Moore, he is the Corporate Vice President of Worldwide Retail Sales and Marketing for Microsoft’s Home and Entertainment Division (TRANSLATION: He has to make Xbox 360 the No. 1 console in the world) , they ask him what he thinks about the Xbox 360, and it’s funny stuff, it’s a long interview but I will only post some questions they asked him,

EGM: Ok, we’re going to throw two games at you at a time, and we want you to tell us which one you like better.
PM: Ugh , just like saying which of my kids do I love more.

EGM: We hope we’ve made these easy for you. So: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory or Sneakers?
PM: [Laughs] Well, as fond as I was of Sneakers, I have to say that Splinter cell probably [tops] it.

EGM: How about Soul Calibur II or Kabuki Warriors?
PM: Well, that would be Soul Calibur II.

EGM: Next : Dead or Alive: Extreme beach Volleyball or Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue?
PM: Ah, Xtreme Volleyball…. Anything that [Dead or alive creator Tomonobu] Itagakisan does is always a big favorite with me. He’s always been a big supporter of the platform, and it would be disloyal for me not to choose his title.

EGM: So here is what we’re getting at: You picked three Xbox 1 games that aren’t backwards compatible on the Xbox 360, and the other ones---Sneakers, Kabuki, and Barbie---are. It’s a weird list, especially when you exclude the heavy hitters…..
[Shortly, after this interview, Microsoft announced all three Splinter Cells to be backwards compatible on the Xbox 360. But we still thought this conversations was funny, so we left it intact.---Ed.]
PM: Well, nobody excludes anuthing. You, probably like me, are not well versed in the vagaries of software emulation technology and how deep you need to go. Some games work because they can, because of the software emulation engine--- and some don’t. It’s not like we said, “Hmm, Splinter Cell or Barbie… let’s go for Barbie!!! “ That’s not how it’s done. I’d be happy to get some of Microsoft’s best and biightest to explain some of the technical reasons why one game works and another doesn’t. Because I don’t understand it…

EGM: Well, obviously yor’re not going to purposely pick Barbie over Splinter Cell, but at what point is it not worth it to tell your programmers, “Get Splinter Cell working on our system”?
PM: Let’s go back a year , when everybody was saying, “boy, you know what? The games aren’t going to be backwards compatible--- this is a disaster, we’re never going to get it done. “ And then we said the top-selling games will be backwards compatible. And people adked if that’s five or six games, and we came out with a list of 212, and still people pick it apart and ask, “ Why is Barbie here?” Well, don’t play Barbie. It’s almost as if there’s no winning in this situation. Is it perfect? Is every game backwards compatible that yor want to be? No. There are huge technical issues that negate us from being able to provide that to the consumer, yes. Have I heard a single negative word since launch about backwards compatibility? No.

JA, JA I highly doubt that.
Well, see ya later
Tengo el gato los pantalones

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