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Final Fantasy VIII appreciation thread
I played this thing all the way through with my girlfriend, and it was nice because I was playing it with her, but the ending was ****ing awful. And the character development, as usual, is as swift as it is retarded. The ending made little to no sense, it kinda makes me feel sorry for video games if this thing is supposedly a top notch story.

It's been 2 years since I played it but it definitely stuck out in my mind that I did not care for cardboard squall or for the awful ending. Oh, and, that I was glad that there were two of us for the GF sequences, lol. Everything else about the game was solid enough, but to play a game that long for a very nonsensical ending makes me wish that square quit doing final fantasy right after VI.
Final Fantasy VIII was actually a fun game, with a decent story. I agree to some extent that the ending was odd, but I still think it made sense. Really, it's a twist on the "absolute power corrupts absolutely" theory. Basing opinions on this idea as well as classic archetypes, I can certainly agree that it is a superior RPG. My favourites, though, are VII and X. Oh! I should see if there are appreciation forums for those, too. Smile
I did like VIII, but preferred VII, VI and IX. Not the biggest fan of X, but XII was cool.
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VIII was seriously a good game. The last bit of the game I thought could have been done a little bit different. I hated how I could no longer go around and do stuff on the 4th disc. Loved the card battles. That was one of the best mini games on any of the FFs, I thought. They actually made a card game based on it. I have yet to find these cards. Well, I found them on toywiz, but I think they were sold out of them.
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