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Official Spider-Man 3 thread *some comedy spoiler gifs inside*...
ugh so its like watching a whole movie of " you mess with NY you mess with all of us"

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[Image: matrixadw.png]
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Preeeeeeeeeeety much. Except extra homoeroticism, intentional emo faggotry and more.

Yes, Parker's emo hair is INTENTIONAL! And you thought Peter was gay in Spider-Man 2 when he was dancing around all care free? Multiply what you saw in SM2 by 3,423,913,517,192.

Enjoy your movie.
****ing A! Thats just ****.

I'll most likely fall asleep cause my tickets are for 10 am.
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[Image: matrixadw.png]
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Jeez. Thanks for the heads up Arnold. Maybe I won't buy it afterall.
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The only thing that kept me awake at the theater were the delinquent kids making fun of the movie. Otherwise i would have fell asleep.

One guy just straight up bounced towards the end and these were his exact words: "I'm out, you all can keep watching this bullshit!"
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Damn, Im going to see it on Imax satuday too... What a shame... Sad
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i was wonting to go and see it and now i just dont now what to say
... hope the games good..ahem, (dillon packs up his spider-man toys in to a large box and slides them back under the bed, with the smallest of tears running down his furry face)...

f**k... but it looked awesome on the trailers and.. D'OH!

ah well, as Gabe said.. cheers for the heads up. i may just wait til the dvd comes out then.

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I've just been to see it, and knowing what your impressions were Arnold I actually really enjoyed it! In fairness it wasn't nearly as good as 1 or 2, but the action scenes were FANTASTIC, and all the baddies were spot on. I think having known your's and Dmitry's impressions, I wasn't expecting much (which was disappointing after being overrly excited all week) and came out pleasently surprised. Think I'd enjoy it more on the second viewing too.
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I'm in Boston for a design portfolio review with a few of my fellow designers and 2 professors. One of them is a huge comic fan and decided we should all see it tonight. I pretty much wholeheartedly agree with Arnold here.
Plus horrible CGI at times and really predictable, recycled action sequences.

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