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Official Spider-Man 3 thread *some comedy spoiler gifs inside*...
The problem isn't length. The movie is just bad. If anything, it should've had 30 minutes of worthless shit cut out.
So I assume that if I only thought that the other two were decent, that I would hate S3?
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Ouch Sad
[Image: catdafelix.png] [Image: catdafelix.png]
bet Sunny didnt like the Hulk either.. Wink :lol:

the only super hero films i really like was Superman, but every series of films has its 'REALLY' bad film somewhere among the sequels. maybe we can just mark this down as one of those moments?

i mean.. seriously, did anyone really think that Spider-man would get three 'good' superhero films back to back? ...that would be insane!

No.4 might be good?? lets look at the positive side of things, it could of been worse and theres always the next film ..if they can be arsed to make it.

as for the Hulk, well.. somethings should never ever of been made imo.

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Probably gonna go see it in a few hours. After seeing the reviews on Rotten Tomatoes, its clearly not the movie the first two were. Although its already made more opening day money than any other movie, it no doubt wont get the return dollars that the first two did. Will chime in shortly......... Cool
Hulk had some cool special effects in it. That massive explosion near the house was super cool and some other parts. I don't mind no brainer movies with lots of explosions. Big Grin
[Image: catdafelix.png] [Image: catdafelix.png]
dillonthebunny Wrote:bet Sunny didnt like the Hulk either.. Wink :lol:

TBH the only comic book movie I really enjoyed was Batman Begins.
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God I wish I could post some of the gifs being posted at another forum I go to.It would save some of you money or make you want to see the greatest comedy ever.
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[Image: matrixadw.png]
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Haha do it!!!
lol,since Arnold said I could.... *stupid spoilers below*



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jiggle jiggle time
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So much more comedy ahead if you choose to see this movie,look foward to some down right funny Harry and Mary Jane stuff.
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[Image: matrixadw.png]
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