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Okay, RPG fans...your top 5 RPGs ever!
SHADOW Wrote:On the ESRB: You can't blame them. The ESRB runs on a very fine line. If they give a game a rating that enough senators find "inappropriate" the US goverment is likely to get involved with game ratings. That's what we don't want. Government run ratings are wrong on all levels of free speech. Trust me we would much rather have the ESA ran ESRB rating games then the US government. Just look at Australia. Even without the child killing and sex that you seem to find so essential the game is banned. Not got the AO rating and can't be sold at Wal-Mart but BANNED. Game ratings won't be fair until a true paradigm shift within the public occurs. And that's going to take a long time.

Oof. I disagree. Australia's problem is that the highest rating is 15+. They just don't have a game rating for 17/18+ like they do in the US.
The main problem is that M$/$ony are the ones putting restrictions on what can come to their console -- more in the west than the east.
There have been AO games out here in the states (and the UK i think), but noone wants that rating because people think it will be a sign for low sales. That's only because despite the studies, everyone thinks that the majority of gamers are under 18 and buy games exclusively thru places like walmart or gamestop.

The ESRB is completely seperate from the Senate, and the Senate knows they cannot touch the industry in any serious way. Every VG game law so far (including NY IIRC) has been struck down as unconstitutional. Games aren't going to start getting all happier and sunshinier because the ESRB or the Senate want them to.
What's the absolutely worst that the Senate can do? At most, they'll put something in the US code like 18.2256 (aka the porn code) that has warnings you can't skip before the disc loads. Then games will be shifted to other stores and most people will still buy them on and the like. Hell, even more people might pick up a PS3/360 if they knew they could get their jerk on interactively.
What's the absolute worst that the ESRB can do? Make M-rated games about as tight as an R rating for movies, which is about where they are now. They can't go tighter because both sides of the industry (producer/consumer) will scream foul. Because VGs are so close a medium to movies the ESRB can't really get tighter than the MPAA. If they do both sides (publishers/consumers) will scream foul. That would likely kill the ESA (especially with the E3 problems currently going on) or it would cause the ESA to scrap it and start a new rating system.

In any case, if people try to restrict it more, the Adult Store industry is just sitting there and waiting to pick up any spill over. Based on japan sales, I wouldn't be surprised if the adult industry didn't take a second crack at breaking into our industry (M$/$ony would have to ease up their US restrictions).

Man I wish I still had my copy of The Guy Game...
Back to the original point:

1. Final Fantasy VII
2. Vandal Hearts
3. Dragon Quest VIII
4. Final Fantasy VI
5. Final Fantay Tactics
Life is one great paradox
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Hey Shadow, did you ever get around to playing the originals? My predictions seemed spot on to me, hell, I expected better. Anyway, it'd be interesting to see what you thought after playing even the first one, I'd imagine you might be a little more wtf about it. It's sort of like reading the book after watching the movie I guess.
Breath of fire 3
Golden Sun
Golden Sun: the lost age
paper mario: the thousand year door
Knights of the old republic

Favorite Rpgs for various reasons. I could list the text book classics, but i had more fun playing these.

also on this list, but holding legend status, would have to be sierra's "quest for glory" so you want to be a hero. I played the bajesus out of that game..

..and Xmen legends...that was a good game too
I was able to get a copy of the first fallout but never got around to playing it. (F***ing Call of Duty sucks my life away). I also haven't found the time to really dig into Fallout 3. What I have played I've really like though.
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Final Fantasy VII (PS)
Final Fantasy VI (PS)
Chrono Trigger (PS)
Soui Blazer (SNES)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (GC)
We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. George Bernard Shaw
SHADOW Wrote:I was able to get a copy of the first fallout but never got around to playing it. (F***ing Call of Duty sucks my life away). I also haven't found the time to really dig into Fallout 3. What I have played I've really like though.

Gotcha. PM me if you ever get a chance to play the original, hopefully you enjoy it.
Hey opsdaddy, what is soul blazer? Never heard of it.
Edit: Didn't mean to double post, oh well.
opsdaddy Wrote:Final Fantasy VII (PS)
Final Fantasy VI (PS)
Soul Blazer (Super Nintendo)
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (GC)
Chrono Trigger (PS)
Grandia (PS)

That would be six?
Life is one great paradox
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wats chrono cross?

Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy VIII
Chrono Trigger
Kingdom Hearts
Shadow Hearts

Ben. no FF tactics on your list?

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