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Okay, RPG fans...your top 5 RPGs ever!
Final Fantasy VII
Final Fantasy X
Suikoden V
Skies of Arcadia
Grandia II
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Just 5? Hmm, very difficult, but I'd say:

1:Folklore (Yes, I consider it an RPG :p)
2:The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
5: FF IX

Im actually surprised that some people didnt like folklore. I thought it was very well done, and I love the use of the sixaxis. Best use of the sixaxis of any game in my opinion.
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Well here goes:

1: Ys on the turbo grafx got me into the whole RPG world.
2: Earthbound is still one of my favs
3: Fallout 2
4: Kingdom Hearts
5: Brave Fencer Musashi
Top 5 RPG's

5. Chrono Cross - This game gets the 5 spot from me because of it's interesting storyline and superb soundtrack. From the opening cinematic to the closing credits I liked what I heard

4. Suikoden III - The idea to play the game in three different perspectives was one of the reasons Suikoden III landed the number 4 spot, other reasons include the story and the appeal of all Suikoden games.

3. Demon's Souls - The games naturally hard nature coupled with the art direction of the enemies has made it a game for the hardcore gamers, A unique online mode that helps players help each other is an interesting feature coupled with an online feature to be invaded by another player focused to kill you adds to the suspense of the game. Demon's Souls almost took second place but it will have to make due with spot number 3 because of...

2. Legend of Drago... Legend of Legaia - Legend of Legaia has always had a special place in my heart having a different way of combat it made itself unique added to the interesting plot line the various mini games ranging from fishing to playing in an arcade. One of the more unknown RPG's that I've learned to love it gains the number 2 spot simply because it has a place in my heart.

1. Final Fantasy VIII - The best Final Fantasy I have ever played, from the story that was well written the to the concept I felt this final fantasy was the best in the series. The soundtrack in this game is simply superb from calming tunes such as "Balamb Garden" to authoritative ones like "SeeD". It has one of the best opening and had a significant graphical leap from FFVII. The thing that makes me love this game even more are the characters some would say they hated the characters or they weren't too memorable but to me they were very interesting from the hyper yet orderly nature of Zell to the Loner status transitioning to a leader that is Squall all the way to the popular fan speculation that Ultimicia is Rinoa in the future, and Squall is the Griever summon (both of which was debunked by Tetsuya Nomura). Final Fantasy deserves the top spot in my favorite RPG's.

I could have just listed them but where's the fun in that
Ive probably only played a hand full of Rpgs but
1. Dragon Warrior (NES)
2. Xenogears
3. Lunar: Silver Star Story
4. Legend of Zelda: Occarina of Time
5. Kingdom Hearts
Ive tried others but theser are the ones that stood out
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5.Chrono Cross
4. Final Fantasy 7/10 (Cant decide)
3. Final Fantasy 8
2. Legend of Dragoon
1. Chrono Trigger
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In no particular order:

Dungeon Master
Baldurs Gate
Parasite Eve

Didnt see much point in putting FFVII on there for the 100th time in this topic, that said it probably was the first JRPG i got into and was such a refreshing change from battling orcs and goblins etc.
I can never let a sleeping dog lie. And I'm sad I wasn't apart of this party. lol ^.^

5: Final Fantasy 6 - The story and the battle system were near perfect, in my opinion.
4: Lunar: Silver Star Story - I fluked upon this title. I was at a Blockbuster years back, looking for a game to rent, and stumbled upon this one. Once I started, I barely ate or slept until I beat it. Fantastic memories with this one.
3: Final Fantasy 7 - Classic choice. I'm not gonna pretend I'm one of these people who think the older FF's are better. :p
2: Xenogears - I have nothing but good things to say about this game. I know nowadays the graphics are extremely archaic, but this title was absolutely sick. Released the same year by Squaresoft as FF7. Didn't get the attention it deserved. Best RPG story there ever has been and ever will be, as far as I'm concerned.
1: Dragon Quest 8 - This game had absolutely everything I want in a RPG. -EVERYTHING-.

.... man... I almost feel guilty having left out so many other titles I love....
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Id go with Landstalker, Zelda (Snes), FF3, Shining Force, Xenogears, but there were many in there its hard to completely nail down after the first 3. Played many many great ones on the Snes, Playstation, Ps2 and fair bit on Sega for that matter, hard to recall em all lol
Let's get this party restarted then

In no order

Suikoden II
Chrono Trigger

So many good RPGs over the years.

Honorable Mentions

Legend of Legaia
Legend of Dragoon
Breath of Fire III & IV

I know I'm missing some more.
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