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What cartoon would you make a game out of?
A week ago I saw the pilot for the new show Storm Hawks (it was on CN). My first thought is that it would make a perfect game. The energy crystals they use could be the goal of the game. In addition all the flying motorcycles would be fun to work with for racing, cuz you can upgrade and transform them. Also all the worlds in Storm Hawks are so wildly different and full of different races that it would make a good adventure game (or even rpg). If you could pick an anime or cartoon that they haven't made a game from yet to make a game from, what would you pick? Why?
That cartoon with the two cats who pilotted the fighter jets. Shit, I just had the name and now I can't remember it. Wtf. =(
Swat Kats!
Invader Zim
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Arnold K. (Admin) Wrote:Swat Kats!

haha, that show was awesome.
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Arnold K. (Admin) Wrote:Swat Kats!

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Arnold K. (Admin) Wrote:Swat Kats!

haha, I'd completely forgotten about that show!

I saw ten minutes of storm hawks while I was channel surfing and I can easily see a game for that. Shit, They managed to make one for Spongebob so just about any cartoon should work.
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Teen Titans.
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Duck Tales!
Ryan H. Wrote:Duck Tales!

There was a Duck Tales game for PC way back in the day that I used to play all the time. It was awesome. Or at least I think it was. I dunno, I was, like, 6 at the time.
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