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What cartoon would you make a game out of?
Ben D. Wrote:Invader Zim

That could be a sweet game... if they did it in kind of a Psychonauts style. I'd dig that.
Ah a a a a! One day we will find the City of gold. Awsome adventure cartoon classic but i never saw the where it ended. Ben ten, Avartar,SpyGirls done properly.
Inspector Gadget would be a cool one to make. Penny would be speaking to you over the com thing like she does in the cartoon. Pity the films were so crap though as much as I like Matthew Broderick, just cant beat Ferris Bueler's Day Off.
A Scanner Darkly.

...does that count? It could be badass. Maybe.

Cowboy22 Wrote:There was a Duck Tales game for PC way back in the day that I used to play all the time. It was awesome. Or at least I think it was. I dunno, I was, like, 6 at the time.

There was one for NES, I still have the cartridge somewhere.

It was in general Disney game fashion, alright, but not fantastic.
Centurians....Wasn't that it's name with the 3 guys with land, water and air suits that fought crime or something.
"The multiplying villianies of nature do swarm upon him, disdaining fortune with his brandished steel....which smoked with bloody execution." - V
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TheWorldEndsWithMe Wrote:He-man!!

They did a He-Man game ages I am sure wasn't even on the consoles it was on the computers back then Amiga and beyond lol it was well rubbish, but it could be remade better now I am sure.
Big Grin
Dungeons & Dragons where the kids were stuck in the world after they had been to the theme park and had the lil Unicorn in it. Loved that cartoon.

I know this is not a cartoon but it was great tv show all the same Knightmare where you were going through the dungeon and you could only see below you as you had this helmet on that wouldn't let you see directly in front of you but you had 3 teammates telling you where to go walk etc what to reach out and pick up. That would be pretty decent if they did the puzzles etc properly.
A Legends of the Hidden Temple game. Only loosely based on the final course. Each room(read: level) had a locked door to open to get to the next level. You either needed a key, to pull a lever, put together a monkey broken in three pieces, or climb ladders. Natives tried to catch and presumably kill or sacrifice you, obviously nickelodeon is not going to kill game contestants. And the game would have to be almost impossible to beat.

Edit: I know it's not a cartoon, but I've had this idea for a while.
are we talking anime? or cartoon?

i know they are the same hahaha.
but you know what i mean?

anime = S-Cry-Ed
cartoon = Captain Planet

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