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How long before it dies?
The PS2 is getting on in years and the PS3 is getting better and better sales; yet Sony have announced a further 160 PS2 games before the end of March.

How much longer will this system go on for?

My money would be on a possible Dec 09 phase out but this is a date I've pulled out of the air.
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Well, as Ben reported the PS2 earned EA $73 million in their recent three-month earnings while the PS3 only scraped together $17 million. If that's reflective of other publisher's earnings there's no reason to stop yet, especially as Sony can essentially use it as a source of income while they still try to gain ground with the loss-making PS3.

I can certainly see the PS2 still being strong this time next year. After that will depend entirely on the PS3 uptake and development costs weighed against potential profits.
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Dont expect it to drop out anytime soon, guys, there is still much more reason to mess with ps2 games for a system we already own and know than for a over priced/hyped ps3 with little to no current appeal. Especially without backward compatibility for the newer ps3 model that most new customers would be interested in, there is a big need for quality software before us more wary customers cough up the bucks for a ps3 Smile..... Big Grin
Hey guys!Guitar hero3 is for the PS2...Right. RIGHT?Sad
[SIZE=5] Brandon's bringing the

Amazon is selling a PS2 version, so I think so.
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Sony is smart enough to see that they need to keep their huge ps2 installed base happy, and expect them to continue to do so as the ps3 slowly crawls through its early stages ............
hmmm, i dont know. i think this time next year we will all see a certain drop in productivity in PS2 games.

with Sony pushing the PS3 side of things, rather than promoting BC.. they need to sell the new console, not for people to be happy with the old one.

but they also know how well the ps2 is selling, you would surely be mad to stop a fantastic selling item such as the ps2 for something that isnt selling well?

but with the features the PS3 has, the rate in which the industry is moving, i think we will all be more than ready this time next year to move on and start buying the PS3 version of the game rather than the PS2 version.

developers will have to choose what format they make the game on. at the moment it might be an easy idea to bring out two of the same game on both consoles like Fifa. but i dont think that will be the case in a year or so's time.

with HOME, that TiVo thing and all the PSN stuff, EyeToy etc etc.. i think people will be buying more PS3's than ever next year and then even more the year after.

im not saying they will 'beat' any other console on the market, but i do think this 'bad' sales stats isnt that bad. As was reported on the main page.. the PS3 is selling as much as the 360 did in its first year. so the only way is up from here.

so give it 18months and i predict there will be a skeleton veil of new PS2 games coming out, like there was when the PS2 was in the same postition as the PS3.
but all the big named games and the big name devs will be hitting the PS3.

...apart from EA:lol:

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Ive predicted already by this time next year i will be the proud owner of a ps3 and feel that is true. Not being a supporter of the other two systems has made me a "watch and see" kinda guy. And as also stated, im leaving it to you guys, and from what i see, Brits, on this board, being a big supporter of the ps3. So keep doing your thing, when i kick in with the cha ching we will all be talking the same language! And yep i will gladly show you how to play your online games better : /.....
Since I got my PS3 I haven't looked at a singlle PS2 game. As long as the PS3 gets one half decent title every month or so I'll be happy as money is so tight. I'm not one of those who wants two dozen must have titles there waiting before I buy a system. Afterall, getting lots of must have's together will just stop you getting the full enjoyment from each.

If I had the cash available I'd be looking at:
Rachet and Clank, COD4, WWE SvsR, Jericho, Warhawk, Assassins Creed, AitD 5, Heavenly Sword, Motorstorm, Resistance, Blazing Angels 2, DiRT, Conan, The Darkness, Eyetoy, Haze, Lair, Timeshift, Uncharted. £760 or $1520 US.

These are just a wide selection of the titles that will be out by Christmas in the UK. You guys in the US will likely get Orange Box and UT3 before then too.
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"everyone knows second hand squirrel kills." - Svosen
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Im sure in Indonesia PS2 will still a good choice for casual gamer and new hardcore gamer for many years later. Maybe until 2011.

Many people still play ps1 in indonesia Big Grin
And casual gamer and new gamer like ps1 than ps2.

They usually like the crash team racing, chocobo racing and ff8.

2008 and ps1 is still selling strong in here, so i think ps2 will still be good for many years later

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