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How long before it dies?
No question your right, orange. I get as much enjoyment out of my ps2 (yes some day im gonna finish Dark Cloud 2!) as i could another system and i dont have to spend a butt wad of money to do that. ps2 systems and games will be around for years to come just as the ps is more than a great choice for obvious reasons... Cool
Yes, I think so because there are still soooo many awesome games I have yet to play for PS2. In addition to the games I already have, I will be able to keep myself busy for quite a while Big Grin
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I say the PS2 has approximately a year and a half before the PS3 needs to be up and running with a solid library of games. I still think they'll be selling, I just hope it won't eclipse the PS3 in sales. I wonder if MS wishes they hadn't given the original Xbox the walk of shame like they did. Well, from one mess to another console wise for them I guess.
The Xbox was up against an assailable opponent though. It was more expensive, with few good exclusives and PS2 ports that were at best equal and sometimes inferior. It was never going to continue coasting along like the PS2 has because it lacked the momentum. Jumping straight into the HD generation with a large head start was the only obvious way forward (though Nintendo took the opposite approach and have done pretty well).

The fact that the PS3 and 360 are about on par in terms of games, with high-profile exclusives going to both, much less exclusive third-party games and both with healthy hardware sales says they were right to do so from a business viewpoint. The way the user base is divided in this generation compared to the PS2/Xbox/GC is pretty incredible.
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For me it's not fanboyism at all, it's just the unreliable machinery. And with exclusives being so rare nowadays there are very few reasons to pick up a 360 right now as a lot of the exclusives don't interest me.

And their head start has really bit them in the ass, with the terrible hardware decisions. I mean, if a billion dollars isn't being bitten in the ass I don't know what is.
I few years ago someone predicted that the PS2 would last til about 2010 and it looks like that will happen if it keeps the current pace and will probably phase out early 2010 when PS3 games are dominating more and more.
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The PS2 will keep running while ever Sony are directing developers to keep making games for it and people keep buying them. If the PS3 range all had real BC they could phase the PS2 out now but still keep making games. Shame they didn't think about that.
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This is an old post, but I still think that the PS2 will hold out for another year or more. Heck, I plan on buying another one - probably sometime this summer.
Does the PS2 still outsell PS3 in terms of hardware, on a monthly basis?
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robinhood2010 Wrote:Does the PS2 still outsell PS3 in terms of hardware, on a monthly basis?

Nope ps2 is starting to fade away, I think it sold about 100k in february and the ps3 pushed above 210k on the estimates, but i can't be fore sure. The hardware is going to be left for dead within the year or so maybe trying to get what they can out of it at christmas, but I feel the software still has 2-3 years left in it with the install base out there.

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