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Tattoos and piercings
How long did you wait after your initial piercing before stretching? Ive only been pierced for about 4 months. The stretch from 4g -> 2g was a piece of cake but when I tried to put the 0g taper in, it was starting to hurt at the halfway point. Id rather be safe than sorry, plus I got a new piece coming in a 2g that I want to wear for a bit.

Quote:I'm working on getting those green double flares in but I need to stretch a lot just to get the flare in and down to the middle where I'm already the size for.

I got a pair of olive green double flare eyelets but I couldnt get those in either. The flare is a perfect 0g.

Quote:I've never ordered from BAF but I've looked through there a bit before. Usually if I need something I goto a shop or down to Liquid to get some glass.

My local piercing shop is really pricey. They carry nothing but the best (and also most expensive) jewelry. I would love to get some pieces but I cant justify the cost until I reach my goal size.

Quote:BTW if you get silicone plugs (I'm thinking thats what your earskins are but I could be wrong), don't try to stretch with them assuming the flexibility will help stretch good. I've heard from a lot of people their bad experiences where it gets infected from the plug holding in stuff and the skin tearing, some get really nasty. Best to stretch with a solid thing, leave a solid plug in for a while, then switch to the silcone. If that doesn't apply to you at least its a heads up if you ever think about it

Yeah Ive heard good/bad things about using earskins (yeah theyre silicone) for stretching. I already have a piar of 0g stainless threaded tunnels for when I size up. I had real good success with them going from 4g to 2g and they are super comfy.

I do sooo much reading regarding care and advice for stretching. :p

Oh, I ordered some emu oil for my lobes too. I hear its quite good for keeping lobes soft and supple.Big Grin
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I stretched from 14g pretty much as soon as the swelling went down, and it stopped pussing. 12g was easy. Stretching from a taper can hurt a bit, but a lot of the time I just push it if I feel as though it has the chance to make it through. If it feels hopeless I stop, or I'll go as far as a can a few times over a couple of times and then push it all the way after I've worked it for a while.

A lot of shops are pricy, but thankfully even hand made glass at Liquid is pretty cheap.. Other than that I saved a bunch on piercings because my gf has pretty much every piercing shes owned in every size up to what shes at now so if I wanted to stretch and liked something she used to have, well, bingo. haha.
yay!! there is actually tool fans in this forum. i love tool. im only 15 so i dont have any tattoos or piercings. theres this tattoo shop where i live and they do tattoos on you if your 16 with an i.d. and have a parent with you so hopefully ill do that next year. my brother got a tattoo a few months ago. since were native american he got a skull on his right arm with feathers and a bandana. ill try to get a picture of it.
Ive liked Tool since Undertow. Theyre a great band imo.

I just got my 2g orange acrylic plugs in the mail and Brandi put em in. Awesome. Super lightweight, I cant even tell theyre there. They are more opaque than clear, but when the light hits em right, they look like theyre glowing. The red ones in 0g are more clear and look really nice. The earskins are soooooo soft and squishy, i cant wait to wear those.
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Well I got one of the green glass in, being hand made there were some flaws that made one of the flares to be slightly closer to the body on one side, so that helped push it through.

unluckily enough the other isnt so helpful and now my right lobe hurts
I just realized your wife looks a lot like my friend Payge, who is also into ink and piercings... Except she just moved from Jamestown up to Buffalo.

PS: I just pushed the other through

PSS: Ouch

PSSS: I'm bleeding. cool.
Damn dude, I reallllllllllly baby my ears. I just stretched Brandi's bottom 2 holes on each ear to a 14g circular barbell. They look nice.
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Well I generally only push it slightly past where it starts hurting. But when I got one in easy enough, I tried the other and was close enough to just keep pushing, and then it popped through audibly.. and bled. But it stopped fast enough, I bactine'd it, and it's pain free and I think we're good. It'll be a while before I move up again anyways so they'll be good and healed by then

ADDED: I thought Brandi's ears were higher guage then 14g til just now. I dont know why but her face (from the sig pic) seems like she would have had larger, they'd look good on her.

Yeah I'm hitting on your wife. Taste it.
I still cant get my green double flare eyelets in. I tried again yesterday, no luck. Sad
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I just stretched to a 0g. My ears are burny. they look awesome though.
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