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Tattoos and piercings
[Image: l_125e620ffe5f222c63b1674c797ad7f9.jpg]

0g. They feel really good now and i am loving the fact i can see through em with ease.

[Image: l_db33b35ee9b29f46c3eb45bb99ff66cb.jpg]

Top row is all 4g, glass plugs, steel pinchers, black steel tunnels. Second row is 2g, acryllic double flares, steel tunnels (orange arcyllic plugs in my ears at time of pic). The bottom row is all my 0g stuff. Red acryllic, steel tunnels, and silicone earskins. Steelies in my ears right now, cant wait to wear the other pieces.
[Image: lighedshirt.gif]
I went down and got some new 11mm plugs from Liquid, decided to get the cheaper set of dark smoke gray ones instead of getting their fancy once... It's being a bitch to get them in, may not go in tonight, even though the entirety of the plug is just about exactly the same as the flare of the 9mm greens I have.

They look cool though cause without light shining through them, they look black, but when you light them up they're a smooth transparent gray.
OMG,Hey, Niecman,I wanna to ask one question that is how did u bear all this pain.
Pain is temporary.
[Image: lighedshirt.gif]
Yeah, but it's the bit between the pain starting and finished that's the problem Smile
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[Image: britpsxesmall.jpg]

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Im going back under the gun in April . Big Grin super excited!!
[Image: lighedshirt.gif]
Just got a 14g industrial on my left ear kinda on a whim. the bar is too long but after it gets better healed i'm going to get a more appropriately sized one
Coolio. You got a pic?
[Image: lighedshirt.gif]
If I can figure out how to take a pic of my own ear so that it doesn't look bad, I'll do one. I had a friend I work with pick me up a shorter bar when she got her navel done yesterday, because this one is mad long and sucks ass to bump when I'm sleeping, but I tried getting it in (starting it through by having the one end to end) but it hurt like hell so I'm going to hold off one it til I know it's going to be somewhat healed.
[Image: DSC00034.jpg]

phone pic, you get what you pay for.
see what i mean by it being ridonkulously long?
the woman who pierced it made the choice for the longer of the two bars she had thinking the swelling would be a problem, but there really has been no swelling at all, and the shorter bar would have been perfectly sized i think. oh well, i'll get used to it til i can swap them out without pain.

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