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what is better xbox 360
I am planning to buy an xbox 360 as a christmas present but am very confused?
1. Which is better a core system or arcade?
2. What is the difference between xbox 360 pro and xbox 360 premium?
3. Any one know any where offering any good, and fairly cheep bundles?
Anyone buying now should probably look at getting the Elite model. If you are unsure, this is the black one.

It has a larger hard drive and I think its high def capabilities are greater but someone else on here could confirm or deny that.

I would most certainly avoid the core system like the plague.

The issue of gaming bundles will depend upon where you are in the world. Let us know and we'll see what we can dig up.
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Oh, and Merry Christmas! Trust your having a great one!!! :lol:
bestbuy has been having good deals

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