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UT3 new Mods and Maps thread.
As far as I'm aware people can only see things like custom skins and textures if they've downloaded them too. Some games have options for downloading other player's custom skins (and maps) as the match itself is loading but obviously that leaves everybody else waiting on that person.
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i think youre right!

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thanks for the map suggestions - I'm going to check these out. I haven't played this game in a while and I think it's time to break it open again......
Yeah i do believe that other people have to download the skin. It's ridiculous i know. I too am in love with FlatWars. The draw distance on that is amazing. The Lego one is fun, but the system really gets a beating one you start destroying stuff. I miss this game, but I hate just playing with bots. Especially when I start with a bunch of people and then I'm trying to message everyone but then realize that these names don't sound like typical internet names and realize that they're bots!!! I gotta buy this game now since it should be pretty cheap....
I love UT3. If anyone fancies a game, add me: robinhood2010. I will certainly download those mods, they seem awesome!
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Hey Dillon, did you get any player models yet? I got Zack Fair from Final Fantasy 7. That very same website you linked ( has Samus Aran player models too.
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