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should i get a used x-box 360 or a new xbox tell me!

i have 761$ and i dont know if i should get an x-box 360 elite, regular x-box 360, or a used x-box 360 YOU TELL ME!
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I'd suggest an elite for the 120gb drive, and I wouldn't really want to bank my money on a used system unless it's a older one thats no longer really useful to society, like Gamecubes. Also new ones have the new build processing so they should run a lot better with less errors than previous generation ones used.
yeah. the 360 is just about the last system i'd get used. You pretty much need the warranty that a new purchase gives you.
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even the new ones have problems, although they shouldn't RRoD, as that should have been fixed. Otherwise, I have a falcon and it's glitchy as hell. I tolerate it out of fear of what I'd get back if I send mine in.

Get an an Elite btw. Best bang for the buck.
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Some of you shall be missed though! I think you few know who you are Smile
A few of you are actually on my PSN list at that! Cool
I would really get a new one so you wouldn't have to worry about it breaking down or getting the 3 rings of death as people call it.But if you don't like it get something else.Also you should get a xbox 360 elite cause it comes with a 120 gigs
just dont get one at all...really....get a NES...its better
lolololol xbox is teh suxxors, amirite?
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Yeah kinda funny how ps2 is still pretty much the system of choice, and where is the Xbox nowadays??? Filling up dumpsters worldwide as we speak...
farfus Wrote:Yeah kinda funny how ps2 is still pretty much the system of choice, and where is the Xbox nowadays??? Filling up dumpsters worldwide as we speak...

Or modded and being a kick ass media box.
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Yeah and i have a feeling more are in dumpsters though for some reason.... Rolleyes

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