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Most valuable game?
i have forgotten the chapters.. what land are you at?

i might start that again. runs brilliantly on the ps3.

Legend Edgemaster of the Unicorn. oh and nine thousand fake forum tokens, 3 real ones and 5 special tokens mysteriously protected by a blinding white aura.. 

""Bombing for peace is like ****ing for virginity"

"NO OFFENCE" R.I.P @PS3 :evil:
Its the final chapter, i have the last georama done, and am ready for Griffon, just wanna get some things done before i take him and his minions on. I read that i need stuff to stop petrification and stop so gonna work on that and build my weapons a tad more though they are real strong...
dillonthebunny Wrote:Ok, lets turn this around.. and I bet you cant beat me.

Lets ask what’s the cheapest you can sell a game for?

I sold some Gamecube games the other day, guess what was the cheapest price GAME in the UK would pay me for Kelly Slaters pro surfer game?


That’s right, you heard right.

I didn’t sell it. I went home and played it and bitched under my breath.

A few years ago I did this thing at my forum where I bought everyone a game for Christmas, just to be a nice guy. None of the games I bought were very expensive, obviously, it was more a gesture thing, but at the end I had more games leftover than people to give them to, and obviously the leftovers were the dregs.

I ended up selling several years old copies of Madden for about $0.25 a piece.
Ryan is just being modest... those Greatest Hits games were pretty kickass.
Hey guys, im selling my other copy of Ikaruga for the Dreamcast, im including it in the British Ebay. See if you can find my ad without me linking it to you, hint, check the previous ad i posted for info as to my username, etc...
I didn't know Star Ocean 2 was worth so much, wow. I actually bought it for $30 shrink wrapped years after it came out.

I bought the original Shenmue for 99 cents, best dollar ever. :p

I have FFVII which is worth something (which is funny because i hate it). Haven't decided whether I'll put it up on goozex or sell it, thinking goozex is just easier though.

I think it's funny sega saturn games are worth so much, can you not get emulators for them or something?
I expect if you know where to look you can find games for most of the old systems on emulation. Ive still got a great deal of Saturn games im going to sell over the remainder of the year and into next year. I decided to pull my copy of Ikaruga, btw, had only one bid with 14 hrs left in the auction. With only 12 hrs left you cant cancel an ad apparently so i decided to get out, it wasnt getting the attention my first sale did. But that is the way it goes with online auctioning, the guy who bought the first copy wanted it really bad and was willing to pay the big bucks...
Yeah, I guess if you're a collector having that game in your hands is worth the money, I can get behind that.

But if you aren't, it may be illegal but it's not like the company who made the game is getting anything, so why not? I can't imagine considering it ethically wrong I guess.

The guy you were selling Ikaruga to must be pretty pissed, haha.
A lot of people enjoy trading/selling games, i was hanging out on a site that was really into it and learned a lot about what is worth money and what wasnt,its still really popular. Since a lot of the more valuable/hard to get games come from Japan and are meant to be played there, you have to be able to pay more to get the opportunity to experience them. Even back in the early 90's i was buying Japanese game soundtracks for games and they could get pricey. I bought a Turbo Duo/Turbo Graphis system and its real valuable as well as many of the games i have for it.... back in 94....
i got some Jp PS2 games that i cant shift.. i might sell them that way..

got Vib (mojib) Ribbon (the painting clouds while rapping in Japanese one) the 'adult' camera game.. got them both (lol..ahem) GT4 Ltd pack.. and a few others.

do you think theyre worth selling?

Legend Edgemaster of the Unicorn. oh and nine thousand fake forum tokens, 3 real ones and 5 special tokens mysteriously protected by a blinding white aura.. 

""Bombing for peace is like ****ing for virginity"

"NO OFFENCE" R.I.P @PS3 :evil:

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