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Most valuable game?
I have a copy of Call of Duty 4.
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So far so good, $115 for Beyond Shadowgate, $86 for Shining Force 3, $62 for Dragon Force, $22 for Beyond Oasis, and should be selling Bulk Slash for around $25 or so. Almost $300 for 5 games, not bad, and many more to come (or go).......
Where are you selling your stuff, farf? I'd love to browse through your unwanted games.
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cLoudou Wrote:Where are you selling your stuff, farf? I'd love to browse through your unwanted games.

Sorry didnt see this response, im selling em so far mostly on Ebay, but have been getting kinda tired of the process there. I did just sell my second copy of Ikaruga for the DC, and although im sure its worth more, being sealed/brand new, at least i dont have it anymore. The prob with this game was the developer decided to put it out on the Gamecube and that kinda over-flushed the market. It would have easily been a $150-$200 game like Radiant Silvergun if Treasure would have kept it on one format. I got $125 for my first sealed copy about 4 years ago and only got $80 for this one, but hey it wasnt getting hardly any looks. Im gonna get a good idea of what ive got left and may just toss em up here to let you guys know what ive got. Would be happy to unload some for reasonable prices and not have to have some of the picky sh it you get from people that are just in it for the steal...
Wow, just went through a lot of my games, im going to have a minimum of 100-150 games to get rid of! Even have Earthbound and just bought the box and manual, this thing should go for $200 probably, gonna start the auction at $100...
Just posted Earthbound and Dracula X for the SNES up on Ebay, already have a bid on Dracula X! Yes folks im clearing and slowly gutting games that will never see the light of day, here is the links if you wanna watch the sales over the next 7 days... Earthbound~

Dracula X~
Well i ended up getting 122 bucks for Earthbound, and i relisted Dracula X with a bit better description after taking a really good look at it. It should sell really well, i got a bid on it the minute i listed it, here is the link:
Woot, well i ended up selling Castlevania in a buy it now for $150, worked out better than trying to auction sell it, probably shoulda done that with Earthbound too. Oh well, still managed almost $300 for the two games, so my most valuable games list is getting pretty short lol, but its taken quite a while to whittle down...

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