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Attaching a larger Hard drive to a Xbox 360....
Hello everyone, I have a question for anyone that has the knowledge, Can you hook up a external Hard drive, say a 500 gb external one, to a Xbox 360 and still be able to save MP3's, movies, maybe even game saves to the external Hard drive? Let me know if you have any details or answers for me. Thank you.......
I don't think so.
[Image: MrSunburnMan.png]
I think you can hook up usb harddrives and play music and movies off it, but you cant save to it
The weird thing is that the 360 cannot read a NTFS partition. It can read an HFS+ partition, and you can format your harddrive with this using a Mac....

But yeah... you won't be able to do anything that you wouldn't be able to stream anyway.
[Image: MrSunburnMan.png]
Quote:maybe even game saves to the external Hard drive?
you only can do this by MODding the X360 HDD.

FLash the WDC HDD using hddhackr see here
open the HDD case,
remove the old x360 hdd and put your new bigger, wdc hdd

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