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What's your latest Xbox 360 game?
In tribute to dillons massive psp thread of the same name. I'll start one here.

I picked up graw2 for $20.00 bucks brand new today (It's $29.99 reg atm). It's a sweet deal from and you can't go wrong at all lol. I mostly got it for the coop stuff.

Hopefully alot of the games I missed last year (Half Life 2: Orange Box, Mass Effect and some others are going to be cheap soon).
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You should check EBGames these days. They're having huge sales on many games. Got 5 DS/Wii games for $50 and GH3 360 for $5 the other day.

I'm chugging along GTA4. When I'm done with this, I'll go back to the orange box.
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Well for me it's Lego Indiana Jones, which I've commented on elsewhere. Full price, from

My brother got a whole bunch of 360 games last month for his birthday, and of those I've been playing lots of Stranglehold (I'm a sucker for bullet-time dives) and Bully: Scholarship Edition (which would be fantastic in a Harry Potter version. Wand duels, spell lessons, Hogsmeade, earning reputation with the different houses... Fanboytastic!).
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Well I now have GTA4 and... it freezes all the time. Originally it consistently froze after about five minutes of play so we sent the disc back to Amazon, but the replacement game freezes within seconds of entering the game world. Considering all the other games we've had to replace I imagine it's the console at fault, but replacing the games generally works (the only one which didn't was Assassin's Creed, until we bought it from another retailer).

As well as working through Bully and Stranglehold still I've started playing Viking: Battle for Asgard. It's structured a little repetitively with few enemy variations and essentially the same task over and over again but it's enjoyable enough to keep me going through it. The engine seems pretty solid too, with a decent draw distant, instant teleporting across zones with no loading times and large numbers of characters on screen at once (which I haven't personally seen in such numbers since Dead Rising).

I also received a new Lost Odyssey (it crashed at a specific point on the fourth disc) from Amazon so I can finally finish that off.
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There was a deal for a remanufactured Xbox 360 elite system at, came with a wireless controller, and some other extras, for $199. The system has a 90 day warranty. Even at that low price, its tough to consider owning a 360, most of the comments were saying the usual, my Xbox is over in a shop more often than my home, etc. Just checking they have 1981 Xbox 360 games available, with GTA IV costing $25, so they as usual are a good place to look. Like Dillon says, in another year and a half the ps3 may just have enough games to own one, so will keep looking that direction!
It's probably worth pointing out that the more vocal people will be those with hardware failures (or even trolls, which neither side is immune to) so there's no guarantee you'll have any trouble, especially with a refurbished system (though I'd rather buy new myself).

Anyway, back on topic: My brother felt like some co-op so we played Rainbow Six Vegas 2. The new XP system (or Persistent Elite Creation) is very nice, rewarding you for single or multiplayer play and offering different rewards for different playstyles (Assault, Close Combat and Marksman), and it was nice that on launch we automatically earned XP for having Vegas 1 saves (I got more either for finishing the game or doing so on Realistic, whereas he only did a bit of multiplayer). Having the XP bar at the bottom screen gives you a nice sense of advancement, like an MMO.

I'm not sure that's going to make it feel like a proper sequel rather than a full-priced expansion pack, but the first game was enjoyable enough so even more of the same isn't too bad.
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I walked into London Drugs (I think it's sort of like Walgreens in the States) and saw Call of Duty 3 on the shelf. I was going to get COD3 before graw2, but a bud of mine wnated to do coop play with graw2 but has so far ditched me...

The website for this store is really bad for games. Stranglehold is still $74.99 (Yes, $74.99.....the old Canadian Price b4 our dollar was going up) and other titles still at full price nearly 1 to 2 years later. Skate is there is $69.99 lol.

So I pick up Call of Duty 3 box and the sticker says $19.99! Of course, this must be used. I tried finding COD3 at other stores with no luck, and carry it for $29.99. I go over to the cash and ask the guy there if it's used.

"Nope, that's brand new."

Sweet! I'm now hooked on finding good deals lol. Big name title like Mass Effect and others are slowly dropping in price due to me waiting for them to drop. I couldn't play it yesterday but the demo I downloaded is damn sweet. Now if COD4 could drop some more in price lol. Big Grin
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lol, im going for the biggest thread in the universe...:evil:

But even though I dont have an Xbox, i'll post here and boost .. Smile and help you 'try' and get close to the mighty figure of the PSP thread :lol: ..ahem, sorry.. it just went to my head there.

....any news on a new KOTOR or Battlefront game coming out? now with the ps3, its highly possible that we could get these titles on the ps3, and that would make me one happy bunny.

I must admit, i said in another post when talking to Ryan that there wasnt any 360 games i want, well i dont know if KOTOR was a 360 title or not, but i would love to play that.. so i eat my words.

also anyone playing Bad company? i started a thread about this on the main gaming bit, but i thought id ask here.

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'happy bunny' ... lol

Does it count I downloaded a free map for Halo 3 today?
9/2/2010 - Leaving PSXE. The site imo has become a breeding ground for fanboys and extemists. I can get my PS3 news anywhere, and PSXE does not breed a community that is exactly welcoming.

Some of you shall be missed though! I think you few know who you are Smile
A few of you are actually on my PSN list at that! Cool
dillonthebunny Wrote:lol, im going for the biggest thread in the universe...:evil:

But even though I dont have an Xbox, i'll post here and boost .. Smile and help you 'try' and get close to the mighty figure of the PSP thread :lol: ..ahem, sorry.. it just went to my head there.

Boooo! It's war! :boo: You and your PS3 and your sexay parties! :nosense: It's the battle of 2008! :lol:
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