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Havent been to a concert in a long time...
Norrec Wrote:This is the most recent girlfriend. We had some issues leading up to events and I broke up with her in April and she ended up moving to Cleveland for a job she was offered. We just recently started talking again and talking things out and we might get back together if we see things going well.

The other time I saw NIN I had gotten tickets the day they went on sale, and bought a plane ticket, and that was well in advance, and we ended up breaking up but staying good friends, so I told her I was still going if she still wanted to go with me, so she did and we had a good time. Different girlfriend though, that was 2006 or 2005

Rule #5 of dating, never date a girl you broke up with. :p

I always wanted to see SoAD but... well... yeah.
I saw Brian Wilson. I was sad. Even if he's better, he's clearly still ill.Sad
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Its here tomorrow! wo0t Excited and nervous.:band::fawke::rox::confused:
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The concert was cool. I came to the conclusion though, im not really a concert person. By the end of the night i was definately ready to curl up in my favorite blankey and nuggle up with Brandi. I think i would prefer to watch a DVD of the concert.:o

Disturbed was probably the best band of the night. I like Slipknot better, but Distrubed put on a better performance i think. Dragonforce was cool to see live to. Their songs are soo long though, thier 40 minute set was enough time for 4 songs.

Bands that played:
Red Chord
Suicide Silence
36 Crazyfists
Black Tide
Walls of Jericho
5 Finger Death Punch
Machine Head

I didnt see everyband perform but I liked Slipknot, Disturbed, Dragonforce, and 5 Finger Death Punch the best. We didnt see Underoath, 36 CrazyFists, MachineHead, or Airbourne play.
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Glad you had a nice time Shirt. I know some people who went to the one over here and had a blast. I'm a small guy so I usually get my ass kicked when I go to hardcore shows like that haha.

Warped tour is coming around here later this month, so I will be going to that most likely, pay day is right before it so hopefully it won't be sold out.
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Deep thoughts are deep:
I would never go into a 'pit'. Im a pretty big dude and what i notice is, just about every other smaller person likes to try to slam the biggest people in the pit. I was nervous at 1 point because 2 pits formed, one infront of me, 1 in back of me. I didnt want to get taken out unknowingly by the one behind me.

Was a very nice crowd to. I did not see 1 single fight. Saw lots of drunk idiots, people smoking pot, several passed out retards. People dont realize heavy drinking and heat = dehydration. Saw a kid get his eyebrow piercing ripped out. He was pretty drunk looking and actually seemed very cool with the fact it was tore out and bloody while dancing around in the pit.

Also witnessed the first female singer for a metal band ive ever seen. Had to do a double take cause of how she sounded. Awesome vocals during the song then a 'dainty' females voice saying 'thanks'. (she sang for Walls of Jericho)
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Haha yea a lot of people just lose control. Mostly attributed to the booze and pot. Sometimes those guys do get out of hand, though Thankfully I've never really had any shows affected by it.

Walls of Jericho any good? When I think like hardcore with female singers, I think Arch Enemy Big Grin
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Deep thoughts are deep:
Glad the concert was cool Shirt.
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"everyone knows second hand squirrel kills." - Svosen
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The last concert i went to was blink-182 back in 2002...
Now me and my girlfriend are going to Wembley Arena on the 10th of November (I think) to see Simple Minds...we loooovvveee the 80's ^^
I'll be going to see Live Wire again in December with a group of friends.
\"...and he shall ascend from the fires of Hell...\"
"everyone knows second hand squirrel kills." - Svosen
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