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i need help bad and quick
i deleted my gamer profile ghettosquirrel1 on accident an i cant recover it because i dont remember my email address.
i deleted my gamer profile ghettosquirrel1 on accident an i cant recover it cause i dont remember my email address
I've had a look around and I can't find any way to do it online without the email address. You might have to find an Xbox support number and call them up. It looks like you have a gold account, so hopefully you should be able to confirm your identity with the billing details, and they'll probably make you register your console if you haven't already.

The other choice is to think long and hard about the email address. Hotmail? Gmail? Yahoo? Nicknames or names you've used in other online games that might have been the name of the email?

That's about the best I can offer.
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I'm not sure what your options are here mate. Don't even think a call to MS support would help.

Did you have any profile specific downloads like Warhawk?
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Call MS. They might be able to help.
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Similar happened to my ex I play with. Her Live! account was locked out for non payment or something. Didn't remember the email address it was registered to. She ended up having to create a whole new Live! account. I guess calling them did nothing either because her and her bf called several times. LOL, they were on the verge of ditching the system for a PS3 they were so angry with Mircosoft.
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