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Anyone thinks single RPGs games are dying out and need to be REVIVED??
So, what do all of you rpgs' gamers think??

I alone thinks that the rpgs are being pushed to the cliff near and nearer each day, because a lot of developers seem to just give up on rpgs.(by that i mean games like final fantasy series, chrono trigger series etc.)
Id agree that they have been noticeably on the decline, Jink. That being said, the mmorpg world is still pretty strong in the pc world. Look at how slow the releases of any type of game is, and you filter in the natural slow release of the rpg. But no doubt sequels are what drive games pretty much nowadays, so about the time you think a game is gone for good you read about a new sequel. Dont be downhearted, there are tons of rpgs we will never get around to playing since there are so many already out...
thanks guys glad 2 know there are still people who cares 4 rpgs Smile
I think that the quantity of single player RPGs are dipping dramatically I think the overall quality is going up. Think about it: Oblivion, Zelda, Fallout 3, FFXIII, and Disgaea 3 are the RPGs either out recently or coming soon and all are or look really good. But I think the times of a billion JRPGs is over and is unlikely to ever return.
hey farfus thanks for the comment, glad i wasnt the only 1 thought of that. anyway i have a huge ambition, tat alone is to revive rpgs [Image: smile.gif] its a really long road but i'll stick through it! anyway can please try out this english version of one of the most classic chinese rpg that influenced how the chinese rpgs, its a demo of about 20 mins only, please give it a shot n let me know wat u think of it alright?

heres the link:

unfortunately the project stopped like a year ago, the team had like 99% done but screwed up in the last bit [Image: frown.gif] *sigh*

please try it out n let me know wat u think of it ok??
thanks for dropping by shadow, anyway i am sorry if i mislead u, when i say rpgs i mean games with battle systems like final fantasy(except 12), ya know where u can take ur time n plan out the next moves, but i definitely do like action rpgs like devil may cry n resident evil...yes the overall quality is gone up but its kinda hard to find those classics feeling back again, i dont know how to describe man sorry...anyway u like final fantasies game?any of them??
Ya my bad. Just for the record DMC and RE are not RPGs they are action and survival horror games respectively. Now that I no what we're taling about... I'm a big fan of the old school FF's (before VII) and "tactic" games (ie: FF tactics and lord of the rings tactics. I don't play many of them however so I can always go back to old ones and enjoy them like they were new.
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I think that is part of the solution, Jink, there are so many rpg's out there already, that it would take a very long time to play them all. I think they have had every storyline, situation, pretty much played through. But be assured there will always be a rpg out there, they take a while to make, that is part of the reason you dont see many on the newer systems. But as far back as the NES and Master Systems (and probably further), good rpg's can be found and played with a variety of themes. The PS alone had a minimum of 200 rpgs, it was a hardcore rpg system. I recommend visiting some, they were very good games Smile......
oh ok my bad...anyway i personally think ffvi is like the videogame thats used to set a standard as to how future rpgs should be like, i beat that game like 4 times, thought i got most of the things out but i was grossly mistaken when i decided 2 use a walkthrough, the amount of sidequests are unreal, its like OMG...the purpose i put up this thread is not only 2 discuss about the rpgs, but also to try to revive the single rpgs market in taiwan n china, theres like only one rpg game is out there, n lot of games have gone online, n they add in new stuff every week n the players have 2 pay for some of the goodies, its all about profit now*sigh*

anyway i am starting a project of translating one chinese rpg into english, i think there is a potential market in the western world that will accept chinese rpgs, if alot of gamers like them, then thers hope for the taiwan market!! so i have a favor to ask here, can u download this demo n have have a go with it, its only 20 mins, n let me think afterwards ok??
the project came to a halt like a year ago due to complexity with programming n editing, its just too good to be not finished*sigh*, so i wanna continue the project myself Smile sorry 4 the long msg
Certain types of RPGs have certainly fallen out of favour. The western equivalent to the Squaresoft RPGs would be the isometric, turn-based (or pseudo-turn-based) PC RPGs like Baldur's Gate, Planescape: Torment or Fallout, and that genre has completely fallen off the map. Even its champions, BioWare, have been steadily moving away from it, making parties smaller, removing control of teammates and making it mostly realtime.

Turn-based is just too darn geeky. There's too large a crowd of people who find immersion is completely broken by everybody standing around patiently while they take turns to attack one another.
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