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Anyone thinks single RPGs games are dying out and need to be REVIVED??
hey benny thanks for the comment, yea its quite sad how the rpgs gotten into these days Sad ur also dead right rite bout the crowd of people who find immersion completely broken while watching the in-game characters attacking each other. however, its still possible to reproduce classic rpgs like ffvii but its completely up to the developers n its all bout money most of the times *sigh*
You just need one post, like in this topic jinkazama99 regarding that rpg demo link you posted. Please don't start 2 seperate topics regarding it.

Just to let you know, alot of ppl don't like dl'ing a unconfirmed ".exe" file without infomation, screenshots and or a flash based demo of the actual game itself.
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Well, I'm sorry to say but when it comes to turn-based Japanese RPGs, the kind of stuff mistwalkers is putting out, I hope they die out. FFXII was garbage, but a lot of the older games are just a lot of button mashing. I'm playing through Xenosaga II right now and so far I don't mind the way it is played out because you have to at least use your noggin a little bit for strategizing, but I'll take a fallout type game anyday. Sure, it's still turn-based, but I think they system they had in place also meant you had to pay a little bit of attention to what you were doing.

Whereas if I'm playing FFX, it's just X X X X X X X over and over again, and I'm sick of it. Not to mention that I think that the guys who write half of these stories are just a joke. Everything is so cliche, it's all been done ad nauseum and I hope I speak for everyone when I say that I'm sick of it and I want something new.

If you're really craving a great new RPG, I highly highly recommend the witcher. Best RPG I've played in a long long time. I find the story really making you think about your actions, I find the characters refreshing, and mostly, I find the game incredible.

I'm sort of a western RPG kind of guy, but I've played a hell of a lot of RPGs in my day, and some are done right, but most are done badly. FF has been a shit franchise since after VI as far as I'm concerned. The story in VIII was utter garbage, FFX's presentation voice acting wise was about as terrible as the game I'm playing at the moment. FFXII was obviously half-assed, it's more about grinding than actual progress, the story completely fell off and I quit playing because of the time you spent doing mindless grinding and the time you spent getting some interesting story going. I have not played IX, and don't get me started on VII.

My point is that if you want better RPGs you should start demanding them by withholding your money. Even Bioware released the trash that is Mass Effect, it was at best a mediocre game.

In all honesty I couldn't care less about the battle system so long as it was function, but only if the story was top-notch. And I've never played a JRPG with what I thought was an out of this world story, though at least in Xenosaga I feel like I'm being set up for one. I've almost never played a JRPG where the small details are as important as the big picture, where the characters felt like deep and intricate people.

I think Japanese developers have been notorious with being set in their ways, and it's going to kill them while the progressive western developers steal all their thunder and lead the way to innovation.
Ive actually heard good things about the Witcher, myself, SJ, good to hear another recommendation for it. Appreciate the input, for sure. Im tired of "old" style rpgs, and have found the innovative "new" thinking rpg to be fun, myself. As has been mentioned in this forum more than once by myself and Dillon, the ps2 game Dark Cloud 2 (and 1 for that matter) are both fun and imaginative in many ways. I will have to take the Witcher into consideration for a rpg candidate, it may be a milennium before i ever buy a ps3 LOL!!!
You most definitely must play the Witcher, it's the shit. And I have not played Dark Cloud, maybe one day I will try those games out.

There's a demo you can download all over the internet of the Witcher, if you like that you may like the witcher. Though unlike the demo, it is kind of quest based. The demo, which is the prologue, is much inferior to the actual game in terms of overall quality as well.
I have the Witcher but I've not played it yet. It seems very promising though, which is why I bought it.

I will always love FFVII. It was the first JRPG I'd ever played and it just completely took me by surprise. I don't like VIII much, IX was enjoyable and I liked X in spite of the voice acting at points. XII didn't hook me at all so I've barely played it.

Lost Odyssey is the only Mistwalker game I've played and I've very much enjoyed it so far. It very much sticks with old-fashioned mechanics but the story has some great moments and some of the dreams are fantastic, doing a wonderful job of capturing the plight of a man who has spent 1,000 years interacting with mortals who don't last that long.

The actual combat is a big part of JRPGs though. You're working on strategy, figuring out weaknesses, queueing up heals, taking advantage of the big damage moves at the right time. Obviously the enjoyment you can get from that affects the enjoyment of the game.

Mass Effect wasn't excellent as a game but I genuinely loved the world (or galaxy) they made. They've essentially crafted a new Star Trek, and reading the history and descriptions of every planet is exactly the kind of thing I enjoy, so it worked for me on several levels.
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I personally think, and I may be crazy, but if all games were more like the Witcher Story and character development wise I would buy them. Which is to say that it isn't black and white, it's a mature game, and the main character rocks. It's based off a book though so that could be why it's so intricate. In which case, they need to start making more RPGs off of books.

The Benny, don't forget to download the censoring removal thing, I got it off isohunt, that way it's that much more gory and there's nudity and stuff... but I more care about the gore.

For the record, I liked the idea of mass effect, and the whole Star Trek thing I liked at first as well, but the execution was horrific. Once I realized that all the sidequests had about 2 or 3 different floor plans, that many of the environments were incredibly plain, and that the battle system was godawful, I finished it as fast as possible and decided that if I were to ever get the 2nd game it would need massive improving. It looked seriously rushed.
sorry man i was kinda new really, so please 4give me...anyway thanks for the advice, i'll try to put up images n screenshots etc. by the way do u know how to delete a thread, i kinda messed up n now i just put up 1 useless threads *sigh*
hey superjew, thanks 4 de post 1st, theres a few things tat i disagree with u but i supposed different story appeal to different gamers, i love ffvii's story n i personally think the game probably has the coolest villain of all time-sephiroth(n yes hes my favourite character, dante's next), ffvi was awesome s well, the amount of sidequests are absolutely unreal. the story of viii wasnt tat bad i think, japanese usually are like really romantic race n they love romantic stuff(which is ffviii's story based on) yea i dont like 12 tat much, its like ur enemy can still attack u with a simple swing even if its like 20 feet away , wtf!! and yes, the turn based ideas getting old. I think its because of the human's(or gamers)instinct to search for a new feeling when they're playing a sequel/prequel. i mean take resident evil 1 for example, i love tat game, but i just dont like the 2nd n 3rd one, which they have much better graphics n still the same gameplay, its kinda weird if u think about it. ffviii was my first rpg so tats maybe y i dont think its tat bad, then i played ffvii which has pretty much same gameplay but like crapper graphics, but it instantly become my favourite game n story. yea kinda weird i know. Thanks for the recommendation man, i'll definitely give it a try, u should really give dark cloud 1 n 2 a try, class game they are!! i think the 2nd one is called dark chronicle in some country. if u have a psp, u can give crisis core a try, if u throw ur hatred of ffvii away n play it, u might actually have some fun. it has a totally new battle system n it prevent button smashing(which is wat i did in kingdom hearts a good bit,not always n i like KH1 n KH2, yea i actually think the disney characters blend in well enough which i was kinda rejectish b4 i give it a try). anyway just give us a head up if u got any good games to recommend, thanksSmile
hey benny glad to know tat u also like ffvii, i absolutely love tat game. Sephiroth is like the coolest guy EVER, i mean like i cant really find any other villain thats really on par with him in other rpgs, maybe kratos close(but sephiroths like much better looking though XD), never played ix but i also like ten, i like the idea of controlling the aeon/summons, voice actings not too bad but tidus has pretty heavy american accent though, but i got used to it n i think the voice actor did pretty well in later part of the game. xii was just average most, i was so excited when i saw the trailer but i was so dissapointed when i saw my fren played it*sigh*

lost oddesy, i think its probably just me but the battle seemed a bit boring to me for some reasons, i mean in the beginning the camere rotates for like 20 seconds(well maybe lesser) around ur enemies, its alright if they rotate it when a different type of enemy shows up but keep seeing the same enemy in the beginning of a battle for a good while can really test ur patience sometimes. maybe u can skip it, if tats the case i appologize man. n ur characters just like taking their time to walk to the enemy n then attack then walk back, instead of just jump to the enemy, slash , jump back again. never know the story though, so i'll leave tat part out.

never played mass effect so i'l just leave it then Smile if u have anymore good games to recommend pls just say it, it'll b great!!

anyway if u like those jrpgs then u migh wanna check this vid out

u might not have a clue wats going on but i m pretty sure u'll like the battle Smileenjoy!!

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