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Anyone thinks single RPGs games are dying out and need to be REVIVED??
Hey Jink, here is the Wiki on Brown University, its in Rhode Island. Remember if you dont have somewhere in Ireland you will have to be willing to relocate to another place in the world. Hope you have gobs of cash to be able to do that, and that you really want to develop video games really badly! My dad graduated with his phd from Brown in the fifties, its a Ivy League school.........
wow man thanks 4 the infos, never thought a women-only college existed back in the days, i mean i thought they only had it 4 primarys n 2ndarys...i wish i have loads of $ s soon s i saw the infamous "private college", my family cant really support me though*o well*...anyhow thanks alot anyway, glad 2 c someone cares bout me SmileWink
@farfus- pls ignore the wink i just cant seemed 2 get rid of it
Edit: Nevermind. I didn't see that there was a second page and Farfus answered his question anwyay.

There are probably plenty of other colleges in the US, and if you want a closer relocation I think London must have some as well. Google.
o yea i just found out the team is back to translate the chinese rpg game today!!! now i'm just gonna add a few screenshots of the game, if u dun wanna play it o well(its ur lost), if u wanna try it out tat will b great!! anyway thanks for dropping by Smile

In-game screenshots:
wow havent post for a while now anyway got more pic coming, its a different game this time:
[Image: C:%5CUsers%5CThemonstrouscheng%5CDesktop...827063.gif]
[Image: 200872421514081123.JPG]
[Image: 14309_1.jpg]
[Image: 1631701_200709111858114.jpg]
[Image: 20080911111130329.gif]
[Image: 200892410322634182.JPG]
[Image: l1172412658.jpg]
[Image: post-318290-1123470740.jpg]
These pics are from a franchise called "kalpa"(i think tats wat its called in english).only 3 series so far, and i dont think i'll ever live to see anothe sequel/prequel...

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