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Anyone thinks single RPGs games are dying out and need to be REVIVED??
old school rpgs...i love them.
which is why i am always on the lookout for psx classics.
Life is one great paradox
[Image: card.png]
[Image: robinhood2010.png]
@ robinhood:
Glad to know at least i'm not alone, but i'm sure we'll get to see where rpgs flourish againSmile
more pics as usual:

[Image: l1037266441.jpg]
[Image: l1037266535.jpg]
[Image: 200862717343.GIF]
[Image: 200892410322689683.JPG][Image: 006.jpg]
[Image: Kalpa1.jpg][Image: Kalpa3.jpg]
[Image: 20080818230818656jk6.jpg]
I'm sure chinese rpg will appeal to most rpg loverSmilemore pics coming soon
Are you working on this game, Jink, or is it just one your interested in??
@ farfus-
nope, unfortunately i dont have the honour to work on this game, its already released. however i do know the team behind these games, i'm working on my programming skills now so 1 day i'll be able to translate these games to english(hopefully), and i know theres gonna be some copyright issues if i wanna do it, but that's quite far ahead, so for now i can only try my bestSmile
Neat, well the games definitely look good!
thanks for the kind words farfus. i can definitely use some motivation Smile

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