Let's get this forum more active
I know that I'm new to this forum, but I think it is obvious that we need to get more people signed up and using these forums, the low number of people is what kept me from signing up for so long. So I'm starting this thread as a kind of open forum to discuss ways to get this community larger and in turn more active. I don't have any particular ideas or anything though. So guys am I crazy? or do I have a point? Feel free to make any and all suggestions. Then then the rest of us can build on them and hopefully put some ideas into action.
I was thinking about it and I got two ideas.

!. let's make more topics, if we make more topics more people may want to join in the conversations.
2. The guys that run the news portion of the site need to start doing something to push a lot of the people involved with the comments towards joining and getting involved on the forums.
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It was interesting to see the comment community pop up as soon as the feature was enabled, as if they had the urge to comment on the news but didn't feel like clicking through to a message board for it.

I'm not sure what could be done to encourage forum use though. Small, low-activity forums are not very appealing to newcomers.
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personally i think that theres more and more people dropping by the main page these days and not entering the main forums.

maybe.. the answer is to make the registration for the main page include the forums too? that way they wouldnt need to sign up twice?

im sure most of the time some people cant be arsed to sign up twice to the same site...?

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because PSXextreme uses VBulletin forums I don't think that signing up once is possible. I do think we should figure out some way of pushing the commenters and those that visit the news section towards joining the forum. I'm not sure how though.
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Maybe the return of the Babe of the Year thread.....maybe. :uhoh:

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Haha Yes
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I don't think the transformer chick could be included in a babe of the year thread because she hasn't been in a movie since last summer. (I think.)
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Having read a lot of the news comments I think we may be better off without a lot of them. That's a problem with bigger forums in that you just end up with a higher proportion idiots.

I agree with cAt that a babe thread would bring some interest.

In fairness, I can see a benefit to attracting more contributors as I think we have seen a drop off in the veterans over the past 12 months or so and we have had a few decent people join recently but I do think we need to be careful how wide we cast our net.
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