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Top 5 Most anticipated PS3 releases this year
FallOut 3
Resistance 2
Far Cry 2
Resident Evil 5.. Hopefully!

It'll be nice if Street Fighter 4 also made it sometime this year.

PS3: God of War 3, Heavy Rain, White Knight Chronicles,
SSF IV, Final Fantasy XIII, Bio Shock 2, GT5, trICO.

X360: Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake.

PSP: I want new hardware!!
...have all been moved back to 2009. Zing.

I know for a fact that RE5 will be 2009, my #1 game for this year WAS borderlands but that was delayed as well.

So all I got for right now in terms of maybe thinking about buying for full price are Fallout 3 and Mercenaries 2. Pretty sure Mercs 2 is gonna be awesome, but Fallout 3 I am just really really hoping turns out great.

If only renting games didn't cost ten frikkin dollars I would not have such dilemmas.
Resistance 2
Soul Calibur IV
Dead Space

I assume we're talking about the most anticipated as of now, and not what came out, 'cuz GTAIV and MGS4 can't be "anticipated" anymore. Smile
"Wise men talk because they have something to say; fools talk because they have to say something."
-- Plato

"Small minds are interested in the extraordinary, great minds in the commonplace."
-- Elbert Hubbard
Superjew Wrote:If only renting games didn't cost ten frikkin dollars I would not have such dilemmas.

I reccomend GameFly 100%. I don't use it currently because I own more games than I can play at the moment, but when I used it last spring/summer I payed 20 bucks for two games at once and new games arrived in less than a week after putting the old ones in the mail. So you may want to look into it. Big Grin
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While it is an intriguing possibility the truth is money is pretty tight for me at the moment without a job, or else I would have looked into it ages ago. I'm kind of a collecter at heart too, I like to own my games if possible. Though I suppose I could play them and beat them and buy them a few years later when they're cheap.
whoa that's wierd. I just noticed your from Carlsbad. I'm in carlsbad right now on vacation.
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No way, you wanna meet up somewhere and hang out?
No I only came down to go fishing out of oceanside. It was just a really wierd coincidence. I'm going back to Vegas tomorrow morning.
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Haha I see. I'm not into that stuff so I've never been. Hope you had a good time.

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