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Top 5 Most anticipated PS3 releases this year
The Benny (Macho) Wrote:It certainly seems to own much more to Oblivion than it does Fallout. I'd like to think they learned their lesson from Oblivion and won't make another console-focused, bland walking simulator with the same voice actors used again and again (some of whom are clearly present in F3 for at least one character). But with a Metacritic score of 94, 94 and 93 for PC, 360 and PS3 I doubt they even know there are lessons to be learned. I doubt most of the people who played it know there are lessons to be learned, making me feel even more like a curmudgeonly relic.

I'm with you, I'm not exactly sure how people who have been playing videogames all their lives can be impressed. A walking simulator is accurate, lol. :nosense:
I simply cannot understand the hate some of you guys are dishing out for Oblivion. No, it is not perfect. And yes, there was a lot of walking. But the combat is simple but deep if you want it to be, the missions are actually fun, and the story is fairly entertaining. Bethesda are some of the best guys in the business. They are very well aware of Oblivion's (in my opinion, minor) flaws, they have discussed them, and they shouldn't be present in fallout. I hope that fallout is almost identical to Oblivion if for no other reason then in spite of you Oblivion haters. lol :p
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It's not deep. The sidequests are boring and uninteresting, and I never got far enough, but from what I've heard Oblivion has a story?

It had gigantic flaws, namely, that it sucks and is as deep as a puddle. But hey, to each their own. And Fallout already does look like Oblivion. The game world looks bland and uninteresting... that's a good start. I hear the older versions are much better than dumbed down oblivion. How about the monsters leveing to you? That was retarded. The AI? Retarded. Oblivion is seriously closer to a JRPG to me than a WRPG, if only for the fact that all you do is grind. Mind numbing and... retarded. But if you're cool with that sort of thing then more power to you.

That's why I play Diablo II, that and you can play it with friends. The idea of playing it alone again would kind of suck. Diablo II is deeper than oblivion though, although it has no story to speak of.

Shame on you for wishing fallout the same fate as oblivion. :p
I honestly had no prejudices against Oblivion when I played it but it didn't appeal to me. Going off the reviews I was expecting a beautiful, deep, sprawling RPG with a great story that deserved the 95%+ scores it was getting. Right off the bat I found the character models a little ugly (Rock Paper Shotgun recently called them "glowing pie-men") and couldn't make a human I liked, so opted for the lizard thing. The environments were quite nice but weren't particularly varied over the parts of Cyrodill I saw. I went with a melee class (as I generally do with my first character in an RPG) and was a little disappointed that you still have a healing spell, even if you aren't very good at it, because it made things that little more generic.

I retrieved Brother Martin (was that his name?) and discovered that he was unkillable which, as well as being somewhat immersion-breaking, was just an invitation for me to take him everywhere I went for the extra target and minor damage he provided, eventually adding the two identical twins to my party (they follow you until you lead them to their family home) because, despite being part of an insignificant sidequest, they were also unkillable. So many of the quests turned out to be just walking back and forth between locations (with one literally being about following somebody for ages around the town), and even with the quick-travel feature they just weren't fun. I think I eventually stopped in the middle of the fighter's guild questline because I needed a rare ingredient for something, which it turns out (according to a walkthrough) could only be acquired from ghosts, which I couldn't fight well and didn't know where to find.

I also didn't particularly like the bits in the actual Oblivion, wherever the first portal fits into the story. Or the awful faux conversations between NPCs as you walk about town, or the way everybody of each gender & species seemed to have the same voice (suggesting most of the voice budget went to Patrick Stewart and Sean Bean or they simply ran out of disk space). Or watching my brother playing an evil character, sneaking into a random house, perfectly creeping up to and assassinating the owner (to steal his possessions), only to have the dreaded "NPC is unconcscious" message come up instead because he was involved in some quest and therefore unkillable, highlighting the lack of freedom in the game. Or watching my brother play a mage in the arena, and strafing around enemies while waiting for his mana to recharge, highlighting that it was less an RPG (in terms of combat, anyway) and more a FPS with a heavy focus on melee.

Ultimately I'd hold up Fallout 2 as one of my ideal ways to play an RPG and Oblivion was unfortunate enough to take almost every aspect of that and do the opposite. It doesn't mean it's a bad game objectively but it didn't really appeal to me personally in any respect, hence all my reservations about Bethesda bringing that approach to Fallout 3.

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