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Your retro phase
They're killing off the BC with the 80 Gig. So it's just the 40 gig with double the hard drive space.

I'm definitely still going through PS2, there was just way too much there to let it all go now. I'm working on the Xenosaga series right now, and I'm waiting for dark cloud to come in the mail, lol.

Dillion, that's pretty much how I've felt about all of next gen. Anyone who can't see through the thin veil of graphical beauty to see that there's no gameplay there just needs to go back and appreciate things like hte PS2 and before. Although I'm surprised you made that post and mentioned Oblivion, lol. I guess some people love repetitive hack n' slashes, I have in the past, I just didn't really get into Oblivion. It is, from what people say, a dumbed down version of past Morrowinds.

MGS 4 is the first game I've really loved on the PS3, though I still haven't bought some others. No way I'm spending over $20 on heavenly sword and I'm waiting for Ratchet and Clank to hit $30, at least on anyway. I guess now is a good time to busy myself with all the older stuff until new stuff comes out.
I go through a retro period every couple of years, whether it's PC games of a few years back, a console generation or two, or all the way back to the C64 and Spectrum days. Some games pass the test of time well.

farfus Wrote:But as he is basically willing to take any tack to win the upcoming election i wouldnt be surprised to hear something like that lol.

You say that like it's unusual for a politician. The whole game is essentially a process of whoring yourself out to as many groups as possible to secure the election, hoping that by the end of it you still have a few of your own policies that weren't watered down completely so that you can do even the smallest part of what you intended to do.
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No, not unusual, Benny. Barack has been currently kinda going back on some of his original campaign positions when he was fighting for the democratic ticket, he has changed back to being a middle of the road chameleon to try and garnish the interest of people who may not be sure between either candidate. "A chicken in every pot" or "a ps3 in every living room" may both be popular catch phrases for Barack over the next several months and even further... McCain kinda promises more of the same, which the American people are pretty much ready to get changed asap....
It's the battle of who is more full of shit. At this point, I'm really considering getting a degree and moving to Canada.
Neither candidate can coast through on left or right leanings alone though, because if they sit happily in the 'extreme' ends of the spectrum the rival will just snap up the moderates. So Obama backtracks on FISA so McCain can't beat him over the head with 'soft on Terror' rhetoric, McCain votes against women's rights to equal pay and birth control but his campaign makes a show of claiming he's actually in favour to appeal to Clinton refugees...

When you have a political system with only two real parties at opposite (though not extreme) ends of the spectrum lifelong left- or right-wingers only have one party to vote for (as the whole James Dobson affair has just shown). The people in the middle of the road are the only ones looking to cross over to either side, and it makes sense to pander to them as much as you can without alienating the base. It's practical, even if it's not particularly appealing from a political viewpoint.

But anyway, retro gaming?
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I stayed up all night playing Diablo II with a couple friends of mine using Hamachi. We beat about half the game, then we started to dab into Neverwinter Nights Hordes of the Underdark. I've played both before, and NWN could barely ever be considered retro, but it was really fun. It's been a long time since i I did anything like that.
Why did you use Hamachi rather than For offline characters?

A game I miss is The Settlers. It was one of those games where I'd spend all day in front of the Amiga playing it splitscreen with a friend, but nobody seems to be making games like it any more, the kind of charming, fun village builder that's all about setting up a simple economy rather than military conquest. Even BlueByte, who made the games, seem to have become obsessed with adding poorly realised RTS features and completely forgetting what the strengths of the series were.
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Well, two reasons. One, my friend has a not-so-legit copy, lol. The second being that Vista and XP don't play nice when it comes to direct connect it seems, so it was an easy work around.

Benny, you could always try out Civilization? While there is, of course, military conquest, there are other ways to win and it's not really about that.
Yeah, Civilisation has its merits, but it's not quite the same game. In Settlers you basically worked at the village level. To start you need wood, so you build a woodcutter to chop down trees, a forester to plant new ones and a sawmill to work them into planks for building. One of your builders trots out to the house and begins work, while others bring them the materials, then when it's done the little worker of the building moves in and begins doing his work. It was cute and charming. Civilisation is more zoomed out, changing options in menus and the like.

It's just one of those games that seems to exist in a niche that nobody wnats to play any more.
Currently Playing: Shadow of War (PC) | Nathan Drake Collection [Uncharted 3] (PS4) Breath of the Wild (Switch) ReCore (XBOne)
Ah got it. That does sound cool, and you're right, I'm not sure if I can name a game like that. I'd have a hard time believing there are none though. Spore might be a little bit like that, lol.

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