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Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday
So, I'm a huge parasite eve fan. I think it's the best thing square ever did. I'm kind of pissed it's coming on PSP because I was hoping for a big budget extravagant game, I think it deserves it after toiling in the shadows for the better part of 8 years. Still, I am tempted to get a PSP, this could be a tipping point if the game is good. But I don't like what I read already. What they described was such a disgusting rip-off that it was ridiculous:

Quote:Following the montage of flashbacks, the trailer switches to the chapel scene that was shown last year at Tokyo Game Show 2007. Aya is in a wedding dress and is walking up to the altar. A man suddenly appears from the chapel's front door and starts shooting with a machine gun. Aya turns back and takes out a handgun to return fire, and her wedding ring flies off in the process. We see it falling on the ground, with blood spilling onto it a moment later. During the whole scene, we hear a somewhat cryptic narration that doesn't match up with what's happening. "This is my gift for her third birthday as she wakes up from her lost past. She may be a gift from heaven, who can save mankind that's trapped in the twist of time."

Kill ****ing Bill anyone? It's almost the same thing to the tee! Birthday, wedding, coming to get her to attack her. She gets hurt, even. That's plagiarism, lol.
Do people live for spamming my topics? God bless your little heart you ADD littered bot.
No answer for the spammers, SJ. I will say i really enjoyed the first PE on the ps, then i recall there were just loads of games out and finding the second PE kinda derivative, not so spectacular. But hey everybody enjoys games for their own reasons, it would have to be really special to buy a new system or handheld just to play it.....
No, it's not the only reason I want a PSP, it may just be the second to last excuse I can give to myself not to buy one. The last one being that I have no money, lol.
Its a funny thing, i used to spend a ton on games back when there was something new always around the corner. Even when it may have been kinda a waste (seeing as often i had a ton of games just sitting never played). Now ive got money and havent bought a brand new game in maybe 3 years, times sure have changed :p...........
I never got to play P.E 1, as it wasn't released in the UK but the 2nd game was great, no doubt ill be getting this. as for ir being on the PSP, im glad, the PSPneeds more titles, who knows the PS3 may even get Parasite Eve IV.
Kinda states the problems with both the psp and the ps3 imo, lack of titles, ps2 still rocks way on! :rox:
Anyway, did anyone notice the similarities I was pointing out? As I was reading it I got a little mad, to say the least.

And Ultimatedream, it's too bad they never released PE1, it was probably the better one in terms of story.

And Farfus, I know what you mean, minus a few select titles here and there I never buy new games, I have so many old ones to play right now I'm just thinking about forgetting new games altogether until some serious price drops hit.
Yeah SJ, between lack of titles and just not a lot of future promise, there isnt any real reason to own a new console for me, certainly not yet. Im more likely to go to a pc upgrade and do something along those lines. Im enjoying the ps2 very much though, and its kept me well entertained the past several months. Even now i have several games to check out...
Parasite Eve game = I'm in!

Loved the first one, even took the time to read about some of the science within the game, learning about mitochondria. Was quite fascinating, and while the game simply science fiction, they certainly used the 'science' in this quite well. If you put together science bits from Parasite Eve and The Matrix...

In The Matrix, Morpheus talks about the human body generating so many BTUs, although fails to state the science in it. The average person really not doing anything emits close to 360 (say about 105 watts) BTUs per hour. I read somwhere under heavy work, that can be around 2400 (around 703 watts) per hour. Of course, we all know that such things are controlled not only by our actions, but sheer science and our own physical limitations. Not to say you can't override those limits, but the body only handles about a max 111*F (44*C), in cases higher, but these temps usually are deadly.

Now according to Wiki, a smoldering cigarette during inhalation is 1290F (700C) degrees. Take the above maximum, and basically we'd have to reach 11 times the maximum body limit. Then again, a standing burning cigarette is only 750F (400C), and keep in mind, it's still burning. Red flame is just visible @ 977F (525C). By comparison, a candle can put out 100 BTUs per hour, 1/3 of you sitting there reading this. Of course, the energy is spread about differently though. Going back to the cigarette, we're talking about 11x the temprature... 11x the maximum BTUs would be 26400 BTUs or around 7737 watts... That's alot... A gas grill can do that.

Now if something (in the case of Parasite Eve, Mitochondria was the cause), could indeed override those limitations and do it fast before the body shut down and all living cells died (hence the 'spontaneous' part of SHC), maybe, just maybe you'd have one of those fiery people from the game... However, water makes up for a huge portion of the human body. Although this is of no value in a 'chemical fire' evaporation would certainly take place, since we're not exactly on the list of flammables! With that in mind, the whole idea is kind of silly, but as the creators of Parasite Eve went and showed... If some wild condition occured, untapped the limitors in place, and bursted at a very high level... I imagine Snake would be pulling out a cigarette to get a light!

On that note... As I said before...
I'm in for another PE game! BRING IT!
9/2/2010 - Leaving PSXE. The site imo has become a breeding ground for fanboys and extemists. I can get my PS3 news anywhere, and PSXE does not breed a community that is exactly welcoming.

Some of you shall be missed though! I think you few know who you are Smile
A few of you are actually on my PSN list at that! Cool

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