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Parasite Eve: The Third Birthday
just looked up on it, its called "The 3rd Birthday" There no mention of Parasite Eve in the title, wikipedia says its a spin off featuring Aya as the lead role, i hope they take it seriously & make it like a proper P.E game.
I remember hearing that the lack of Parasite Eve in the name is because that has to be licensed, so they save money by omitting it.

The mitochondria angle in PE was pretty neat, because that was part of what I (and my friends) were studying in biology at the time. It was an amusing connection, even if spontaneous combustion was a bit of a stretch (though not as much as using humans as a power source in the Matrix).
I really liked that New York Cop feel of the story in the first game. I also loved the whole middle of the desert stranded and ****ed feel of the second one. I definitely hope they do make a true successor on a next gen console, but until then, I really do hope this game is great. I have a feeling it won't be, but one can always hope.

Anyone know if the same crew who made the first two is in it? Or what they're doing right now? If anything?
A quick look at the few names Wikipedia offers provided me with:

Hironobu Sakaguchi (game producer, original scenario concept) - Now with Mistwalker. Blue Dragon & Lost Odyssey released, developing Cry On and ASH: Archaic Sealed Heat.
Takashi Tokita (game director, story) - Still with Square in their Production Team 7, working on remakes of older games and a mobile phone sequel to Final Fantasy IV.
Tetsuya Nomura (character designer) - Directed Advent Children, is designing the characters for the various FFXIII games and the various new Kingdom Hearts projects.
Yoko Shimomura (music composer) - Left Square for freelance work but still mainly works with them. Composed soundtracks for FFXIII Versus and Smash Brothers Brawl, and is working on the Kingdom Hearts games.

The wiki for 3rd Birthday has the latter two down for the same roles in the new game, with some Final Fantasy veterans in the other roles.
I'm a little shocked that Sakaguchi was on this thing, he seems so archaic, it almost seemed like a semi-progressive system for a PS1 game. Thanks for the answer though.

I'm glad the music guy is back, they sure had some great music in those games.
You know what, many people may disagree with me here but i'd like P.E3 to have pre-rendered backgrounds they looked great in P.E2, FF7,8 &9, R.E1,2 & 3. games dont tend to do that any more due to the advancements in technology, but i miss them.
I definitely would like it to stick to its roots, and I think the battle system from #2 is fine, so long as it is a bit more involving. Like a rolling button to dodge attacks and stuff like that, to give it that extra bit of excitement.
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They say its a Spin off, which is slightly concerning. I hope it wont be a Tactics game. or some other rubbish quick release cash in, though Parasite Eve isnt well known so it might not.
Although a very fun, and different game, Parasite Eve suffered from being released at a time in which there were a glut of games releasing on the PS. Much like many very good PS2 games have gone unnoticed due to lack of coverage and many other quality titles being released at the time. I played it all the way through, myself, and found it to be a quality title, definitely different from many of the survival horror type games releasing at the time. I loved the times when Square delved into different genres and sometimes came out with a really solid title. They have really departed from this method of gaming and need to show us gamers what new and innovative games they have going on nowadays...
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