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So, I'm pissed off with Crisis Core. Help Anyone?
So I'm on my 4th playthrough on hard mode, 98% of missions done, every DMW but Genesis's on 100%...which brings me to my next point, I'm at the last save point in the game before the last Genesis fight, and I have Apocalypse materia equipped instead of my Costly Punch 999%HP+
my problem is...I've been trying for AAAGGEESSS to get Genesis's DMW on 100%, it's still at 10% but his cutscenes just dont show up at all in Modulating Phase...that is, when I actualy manage to get him cos I barely ever get Modulating Phase anymore, has anyone completed his DMW? or does anyone know why I can't get his cutscenes?

Thanks in Advance.

p.s.My Apocalypse Materia is at level 1, therefore giving me Genesis X6 on the DMW
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Ummm, youtube? I don't have the game but if you don't wanna deal with the effort and you just wanna see cut scenes I bet they're on there.
No, I need the cutscenes to get the DMW to I can get Genji Shield.
I never got his 100%. Im sure someone is bound to have the info you seek.
BTW Did you beat the Tonberry King? He was so irritating!
Eventually I managed to get everything up to 100%, it was kinda by surprise...
suddenly in one fight I got 2 levels (now 86) and the last scene...but since then I haven't been able to play because I dropped my PSP in the toilet, and it hasn't read UMD's since then...
And yeah, Tonberry King was a pain...
Ewww... :lol:
I managed to complete it, but I don't know what to tell you.
I think it's completely random.
Why don't you just get a 100% save file from somewhere ?

edit: nevermind didn't read all posts
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