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anyone picked up the Socom Confrontation Beta?
Yeah i meant COD. To many letters going on, i get confused. It is CoD:WaW...........
[Image: lighedshirt.gif]
So did anyone actually get SOCOM:C?
[Image: lighedshirt.gif]
lol.. I didnt, its not out here in the UK yet i can still get on the Beta! :lol:

im a sucker for full games on the HDD! im bound to buy it when im bored....

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I got has a lot of issues that are driving people nuts tho.
There are lag and freezing occurrences now and then.
The game has some of its features cut off because of the "unexpected amount of people" that is entering the server. (Idk why slant six would have this issue ~ if your going to send out x amount of games then expect x amount of people on your servers -.-)
7 maps(4 new,3 remade) and a lot less guns than the ps2 Socom. Although when you make a clan you get an exclusive gun for whichever Special Forces you pick.

Overall the game is great, playable and a lot of fun with the proximity mic feature.

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