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air combat games for a novice just starting
My best advice is pick up AC 4. Struggle through the campaign first on easy and then on normal. Then pop in AC 5 and you'll sore through it. I beat it in about 1 day and a half i believe. I also went right through AC:Belkan War that way too. Great series of games. I hate that Ace Combat went 360 only last time around.
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wish we would get Ace combat back for the PS.. Sad loved that game.

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Besides all the Ace Combat titles , here's a few other flying PS2 games you might want to try out.
I'd suggest trying out "Sky Odyssey" first, it's more a flight & acrobatic style game with flight refueling, flying through underground tunnels, touch-downs on aircraft carriers, etc, and should be able get you started on the right path of flying.
Just check some on-line stores/sites for details on each game to see if you might like some of the ones I've listed below.

Airforce Delta
[B]Army Men:Air Attack[/B]
Army Men:Air Attack 2
Strike Dropship:United Peace Force
Lethal Skies: Elite Pilot:Team SW
Lethal Skies 2
Rebel Raiders:Operation Nighthawk
Sky Odyssey (Learn flying & acrobatic, no combat)
Thunder Strike:Operation Phoenix (uses a Helicopter gunship)
Top Gun:Combat Zones
Yeah man the Ace Combats are what got me into fighter Jet Games. Great Story lines, incredible gameplay, fun weapons, and smart AIs. the qudruple threat. lol

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