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With the recent time on my hands...
OK, so I have 4 weeks off work, maybe 6 depending on how my foot heals...

Ive decided to dedicate my time to growing a beard. :p Ive never sported anything other than a goatee. I think i will go for the chin strap. Brandi found some informative, yet comical, sites for me.

Worth a look. Wink
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I got bored a year or 2 ago and just grew an amish style beart, only not as robust. I sported it for a while then my girlfriend screwed up trimming my hair (within .7 seconds of starting) leaving me to shave my own head and cut it back to the usual goatee. In the past couple of months though I regrew it though. Then recently I decided not to shave at all to let it all go all grizzly adams and stuff, but it only lasted a week cause it was so damn itchy so i trimmed it back to the chinstrap thinger.

Growing beards: A poor man's chia pet and america's second past time
I couldn't be bothered growing a beard. I sometimes go a week without shaving but that's about it.
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i have a beard.. i have a goaty type david brent beard.. but the plan is to grow it long like a proper long goaty and shave my head to a grade 2..

Big Grin

thats when i can wear camo gear and start to run in to Burger king and McD's and shout "MEAT IS MURDER".. lol

sorry, I know someone who looks like that and does that sort of thing, fkg lame. a fine cause if thats what you want to do, but crap way of going about it.

anyway, long beard short hair, thats what im going for.. then i will sort my Tattoo out as it needs erm.. 're-shaping', lol

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Ive had the goatee thing for quite some time. I'm due for a change. Gonna try to grow it out for 10+ days without touching it to see what i can do with it. I grow facial hair like a prepubescent girl. lol
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you might be able to do what I did to help start it, grow out your stubble a bit, then trim it so its stubble in the shape of the beard you want, then just keep treating it like a beard until you finally make the stubble your bitch and it grows into a beard.
Thats actually what one of those websites says to do. Let it grow out for like 10 days, then shape it. After another 10 days or so, give it its final trim and let it get beardy.
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I grew a beard once, it's kind of a hockey ritual. When your team is in the playoffs they don't shave until they lose, so I did the same. Thing is we went a month and a half or two months, so it was a looong time before it came off. It was uncomfortable. Then again if I go a week without shaving I look like a bum.
I'm constantly growing out a beard and then shaving it off, because it always reaches a point at which Dawn refuses to have anything to do with my face until it's been cleared of all that 'stupid hair'.
all women say that..

one min they like it, then its too long.. tsk!

I say free the beard.. man!

Legend Edgemaster of the Unicorn. oh and nine thousand fake forum tokens, 3 real ones and 5 special tokens mysteriously protected by a blinding white aura.. 

""Bombing for peace is like ****ing for virginity"

"NO OFFENCE" R.I.P @PS3 :evil:

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