What is wrong with this forum?
It goes down more often than a drunk cheerleader on spring break.

I'm not trying to be a a ****, but damn this forum has issues. It was down for almost a month, now it goes on and off. It's a gamble when I come here that the site will, I dunno, BE HERE.

Why is the forum always messed up? I think your loyal readers deserve an answer.

Why don't you give us one?
Was wondering this as well, past two days I haven't been able to get here.
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ya rly...

I've started keeping a 1d20 next to my computer...If I roll a save, I try the forums... Otherwise I keep trying to find poor replacements.
Its had problems in the past, they definitely aint going away, either...
First of all, the forums never went down in about two years time until we lost our server back when they were down for a month late last year. Secondly, we're on a new server now and last I checked - and I check literally a dozen times a day - the first time the forum went down since we got the new server was in the past couple of days.

It was a quick fix and it's back. Nobody should have any problem now, but we'll certainly keep an eye on it.
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The only reason the forum went down this past time was due to a reason which was beyond our control. Our host did some work on our virtual node and shut down the server, but didn't restart it.

The previous time was due to the guy we had hosting it disappearing off of the face of the earth and us not having access to the data. :\

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