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For those who are having problems signing up or posting
Hi everyone,

Since we switched to our new server last month, no emails ever made it outside of our server. Meaning if you signed up and wondered why you never got an email and weren't able to post, it's our fault - not yours. Sorry for the inconvenience. It's just been some hiccups we've had from switching hosts. I just fixed the issue today and I'm currently running a script to send emails to all of you this has effected.

That said, I'm hoping (expecting) this will bring a huge rush of people to our forums. Hopefully the email problems didn't scare anyone away from us!

Again, sorry this problem took so long to fix. For those of us who signed up before, it was hard to figure out what the problem was. That said, if you have anymore problems, feel free to contact me directly via PM here or shoot me an email (which will work now!).


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