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What Are You Playing Right Now?
May get a sshd to get faster downloads anybody have one on their ps4
(07-05-2018, 12:17 PM)farfus Wrote: May get a sshd to get faster downloads anybody have one on their ps4

I'm guessing you meant a SSD (solid state drive) ? You'll get slightly faster loading times but it's not going to do anything for your downloads. That comes down to your internet service provider (ISP) and what speeds you're paying for. To be honest, the price of SSD's isn't worth it for the capacity you're getting. If you need to increase your storage, you can get an internal HDD or even an external one (there's some great deals on very large storage online).
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I know about SSD but this is called sshd, a hyper drive. I've got a slow connection so will probably just grab a large hdd. Thx for the input, you can read and view anything on these internet's lol.
Since they have altered the storage capacity via USB you can now use External memory sticks and hard drives. I replaced the 500 gb hd with a 2TB hard drive in my PS4 before this happened. The drive came from an external 2TB hd whih I removed from the caddy and placed in the PS4 and the 500GB went into the Caddy of the external hard drive. Always better knowing you have loads of storage space.
Yeah just ordered a 4tb think thatl last lol. Gotta say titanfall 2 is outstanding!
I've been playing Two Point Hospital on PC. It really is what Theme Hospital would be these days if Electronic Arts weren't actively evil. You have the same core concept of running a hospital but with a modern interface, better graphics and animation and more options in general. I've been breezing through every hospital as they steadily introduce new concepts and that becomes your only major challenge for that hospital, but have now hit a major difficulty spike, failing for the first time after getting into massive debt, and even without getting to that point I've restarted a couple of times to try and get it started off right. I still haven't figured out the right approach, but I'm thinking on it.
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