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What Are You Playing Right Now?
Anyway, I've been playing a lot of Stardew Valley on the Switch lately. Also still trying to play through the Uncharted Collection on PS4.
I enjoyed Stardew Valley when it launched on PC, though I did spent a whole year courting a girl only to have her reject me. I play games to get away from that sort of thing!

I've paused my playthrough of Uncharted Collection. I've finished the first two games again but I didn't enjoy certain chunks of Uncharted 3 the first time around so my enthusiasm levels aren't high. I'm trying to motivate myself by telling myself I won't play Uncharted 4 until I've slogged through 3 again.

Right now I'm playing Shadow of War on PC. I was originally overconfident and stuck it on nemesis difficulty, but after a few hours of promoting new captains out of every fight I put it down to normal. Now it's far too easy and fights aren't a challenge unless they get very large. The game gives you a lot of interface tweaks though so there are probably a few things I can adjust to make it more challenging without being excessive.
Currently Playing: Shadow of War (PC) | Nathan Drake Collection [Uncharted 3] (PS4) Breath of the Wild (Switch) ReCore (XBOne)
Good to see you Benny! Sounds like your having fun. Haven't played a PC game in a long while.

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