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What Are You Playing Right Now?
I don't mind the grind in some games, depending on how they implement it, but I definitely won't put up with that in games you pay for, that is unacceptable to me.

(10-10-2018, 02:55 PM)T he Benny (Macho) Wrote: I read some positive reviews about Odyssey but those micro-transactions are disgusting. There's no way I'm paying full-price for a game that has inserted a grind so they can stick free-to-play mechanics in to try and manipulate players into paying to skip the grind. I'm officially done with that nonsense.
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I haven't noticed any kind of a grind in Odyssey. I mean, more so than usual for an Assassin's Creed game that is.

If you're the type that explores the game to see all of what it has to offer, you likely won't notice any kind of negative grinding. At least, I haven't. Yet.

Anyway, I'm playing some Black Ops 4, Odyssey, and MLB The Show 18. Would love to play against some fellow baseball fans, if anyone here wishes to challenge (and destroy me) in a friendly match. I can pitch fairly well, but can't hit the ball to save my life. So... let's do dis!
I said the same about Shadow of War, I enjoyed my time with it and didn't find it grindy, though by all accounts I didn't reach the point where the game just stops and tells you to grind. Then they removed the loot boxes and had to completely overhaul the game because without the need to try and squeeze cash out of the player they acknowledged that the game just wasn't as fun as it should have been (same as Battlefront 2, though I never played it). Odyssey selling boosts to skip the grind (in the form of scummy free-to-play virtual currencies, no less) tells me they have deliberately designed the game to be less fun so that they can try and nickel-and-dime more money from the average player, and that grind must exist because they are selling the option to skip it. That's on top of selling the game for full-price, the half-dozen special editions, the season pass and the promotional tie-ins.

I don't mind a grind in games. I'm literally going to log onto World of Warcraft after I've posted this to grind more faction reputation doing the same quests I've been doing all week, but that's a subscription MMO so of course there's a grind and, crucially, you can't pay to skip it. Adding free-to-play microtransactions to a full-price single-player game that only has a grind so that those microtransactions can be sold is a level of greed I'm just not on board with.
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Now I also have COD to squeeze into my gaming time too. Enjoying Blackout, Heist was fun tonight not sure on other multiplayer modes yet but started to enjoy it Smile Maybe Odyssey for an hour or 2 then switch to COD once my mate comes online, Monday to Thursday that is as rest of the days I am usually out unless something crops up during the week lol.

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