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Tips For New PS3 Owners
So, you're a rock-star and you just purchased a new PS3. Good for you! Now here are a few tips that will make your PS3 relationship a long one. I realize that some of these tips are rudimentary. However, it's better to list them in the event they are news to someone new to the PS3 who could benefit from them. Those of you who are veterans, please chime in with other helpful tips if I missed some (and I'm certain I have). So, without further ado:

Ensure proper placement for your PS3. You must have good airflow around the entire console for optimum cooling. If you must place PS3 in an enclosed entertainment center, then at least keep the center's doors open during usage and for 15 minutes afterwards to allow the console a proper cool-down.

If you live in an area prone to earthquakes (like I do), consider affixing the feet of your PS3 to its shelf or table with special earthquake putty or double-sided tape available at your local hardware store. It just might prevent your PS3 from crashing to the floor during a tremor.

Never shut off your PS3 using only the red switch on the rear of the console. You should first hold down the power key until the console powers down to standby mode. Then you can fully shut off the console using the red switch. This allows your PS3 time to safely "park" the HDD heads so they won't score the HDD platters, thereby making your PS3 into a boat anchor.

In the event of severe weather and/or lightning, hold down the PS3's front power button until it powers down to ''standby" mode, then flip the red switch on the back before finally unplugging it. Do not restart your PS3 until the weather threat safely passes.

Purchase a power strip with spike protection. This may help prevent damage to your console if there is a sudden increase, or spike, in your line voltage. A call to my utility company confirmed that these most frequently happen shortly after power is restored following a black-out. So, remember to wait a while after that occurs before firing up your black beast.

If you can afford it, you might even consider an uninterruptible power supply, or UPS, so that you'll never lose a data save even if a black-out or brown-out occurs.

Make a habit of backing up all your game saves to a USB flash drive every 2 weeks or month to prevent game data loss. I had to send in my PS3 for a drive replacement, and lost a great deal of game save data in the process. Don't let it happen to you. Learn from my mistake.

Dust your PS3 regularly using a lightly damp soft cloth. Never spray a propellant anti-dust solution into the vents of your PS3, especially after a round of gaming, as the sudden temperature change could damage critical components or solder joints. Also, never use alcohol or any other cleaning chemicals on the console as it will likely damage the finish.

If possible, purchase at least two PS3 controllers, so you can be charging one while using the other. Also, ensure you use your controllers until the low battery warning appears. Fully discharging controller batteries before recharging them will provide your controller batteries with the longest possible life-cycle.
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Nice, thanks. Maybe we should do something like this in each system forum...? You know, one for the PSP, one for the 360, one for the Wii, etc.?

I hope this helps people. If anyone wants to add anything, feel free.
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Thanks, Ben. I wish I could help you there, but my current consoles are a PS3, a PS2, and a GC. I'm sure there are some folks on the site who'd be glad to help with a similar thread for the others, though.
We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing. George Bernard Shaw
This thread deserves to be a sticky .

I would like to add that it is recommended that people take out the disk before shutting down the PS3 .
Also another good tip be gentle when inserting the disc into the slot let the feeder thing grab it gently dont just ram it in I have seen some people do that. I dont let no one touch mine. It is £3-500+ piece of equipment or was at the time of buying it.

If your gonna cover your machine to try to save it from dust let it cool down before you cover it up.

Also dont go moving your console while it is on even if the item you need is just behind it out of reach. Shut it down then move it about. 2 people I know did this and damaged the disc while it was still in the machine, then again who is gonna move it around that much as it weighs a ton. Similar people did this to the 360 and wrecked disks too.

This could be me just being too careful, always look at the disc to make sure there is no hair or dust on the disc before you insert it into your machine. It shouldnt be if it has been in the box protecting it but damnit those hairs and dust gets everywhere. See anything on the disk gently blow it off, never wipe it as it could cause scratches. This applies to any cd or dvd not just your games.
Nice thread ops, I'd just like to add that if you possess or by some miracle obtain an older model, keep the flip-top panel that covers the various digital memory card slots closed, it makes dusting easier and prevents a rogue pet from kicking it off its hinges.
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If you moved your PS3 from a high resolution TV to a lower resolution TV nothing might show up on screen. If thats the case turn on the PS3 and hold the power button til you hear a second beep to reset the video settings.
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This isn't necessary but if you want to get the most life out of your system then consider buying a nykon intercooler (it may expand the life up to years longer than if you didn't get one). If your PS3 is new then NEVER sell your PS2 (if you have one) since the new ones don't play PS2 games. Also, if you have a new system and you want memory card slots for yours, consider a $15 memory card adapter that you plug into the USB port. If you need an HDMI cable for your PS3 and your HDTV (1080p specifically) then don't be fooled by the expensive ones with gold conductors. Instead, get one with copper conductors because they can be A LOT cheaper then the ones with gold. The ones with gold have a faster response time but it isn't fast enough to be noticed when compared to a copper one. I saw a gold HDMI cable at Wal-mart for $30 that was only 3 feet long. But I saw another HDMI cable with copper conductors for only $18 at Big-Lots that was 12 feet long.
Actually, HDMI cables are way cheaper online. I got a 12ft and an 8ft (Gold connectors) for about $9 US each (including shipping).
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I use a small air-blower to get rid of the dust covering the back of the ps3 ( also it removes dust inside it and on top of it ) , I used it to dust off my laptop and HDTV everyday , and they seem to be working perfectly , cause stuff get dusty over night where I live . Is it safe to do this ? ( the one I use is similar to this one )

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