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PS3 internet browser psxe fix
Now alot of you may remember a couple of months back I wrote a thread about the main PSXE page being half cut off by the ads on the side. Well after fiddling around a little bit moe I found the perfect solution. all you have to to(with an SD TV) is push triangle in the browser go to tools => Display area=> Full Pixel, then triangle again Tools=> Rsolution=> +2
and there you have it all the stories and reviews that Ben writes and we all love (minus the "I know something you don't know articles..TELL ME WHAT THAT DAMN GAME IS BEN LOL) are fully visible again. ^_^
*Be sure to have your ps3 dispaly at 16:9
2 in the box, Ready to go, We be fast and they be slow!!

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"He was Comin at me"
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"Oh, my bad"

Hehehehe Asschabs - Piss drunk Oghren
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